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Within the package of financial services, John Hancock offers term and permanent life insurances. Our review will provide you an elaborated analysis of all the company’s life insurances, along with your queries related to life insurance purchases answered in the most precise and accurate way possible.

What Is John Hancock?

Originally belonging to Boston, John Hancock is a company that provides a series of financial utilities and life insurances packages.

Review of John Hancock

In addition to Term and Permanent life insurance, John Hancock also provides final expense life insurance. In contrast to permanent policies that are active for your whole life, term policies are only available for a pre-determined duration. By earning a score of 3.7 stars, the company has gained the 13th spot in the rating of top life insurance companies of 2021. Every company’s insurance policy, whether its term or permanent, possesses a tax-free death benefit and an admission into the Vitality program of the company. This program encourages you to maintain healthy habits by offering savings.  

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Without whole life insurance policies, the customers can only seek a permanent policy by taking up universal life insurance. Universal insurance is further classified into fixed, indexed, and variable. To attain a quote for the permanent policies or term insurance of coverage above $3 million, customers must consult the company agents. Online quotes are also available for term insurances above $3 million and final expense insurance. 

Will John Hancock be the correct option?


  • Life Insurance policies are to the point. 
  • Vitality Program offers discounts on healthy habits.
  • AM Best has awarded an excellent rating to John Hancock. 


  • Fewer choices in customization are offered. 
  • No whole life insurance is provided. 

The company offers a maximum amount of $65 million being provided in the term insurance upon eligibility. The Vitality program is claimed by the company to be provided with the present insurance policies. In addition, several discounts for healthy habits will be opened to your access through the option of the Vitality program. For instance, facilities such as fitness tracker utilization and doctor consultation. With various online services like document delivery and estimates claims management, online payments can be made through savings or checking accounts.

Term Life Insurances from John Hancock

John Hancock’s term life insurance policies are:

  • 10-, 15-, and 20-year terms provided.
  • Assured level monthly premiums.
  • Coverages offered in the range of $25,000 to $65 million.
  • Online application provided for $3 million coverage and also through company representatives. 

In addition:

  • Online estimation of quotes available.
  • The company does not offer policy riders for term insurance.
  • The company will pay the death benefits through installments, lump sum, or to a proceed funded account.
  • Distinguished age criteria for policies.
  • Without any fee or medical exam, term insurance can be switched to a permanent one.

Universal Life Insurances from John Hancock

Universal insurance is categorized into three types: universal life, indexed universal life, and variable universal life. Following are the universal life insurance policies:

  • Consultation is only possible through agents. 
  • Based on policy kind, coverage amount ranges from $50,000 to $65 million. 
  • Flexible premiums are available. 
  • Provided for lifetime coverage. 

In addition:

  • Choices available for fixed, indexed, and variable policy kinds.
  • Age eligibility criteria is not standard for all policies. 
  • Variable universal life insurance provides distinguished investment options.
  • Premium amount and its frequency are customizable under certain conditions and upto some limits. 
  • Within the life duration of the insured person, the tax-deferred cash value can be utilized for the policies. 

Final Expense Insurances from John Hancock

After your death, final expense insurance backs up all the payments that need to be paid instantly. Following are the final expense insurance policies:

  • Individuals between the ages of 55 to 80 can access this policy. 
  • Coverage ranges from $2,000 to $20,000.
  • Online application facility provided.

In addition:

  • Vitality Program is coordinated with the policy.
  • Medical tests are exempted.

The procedure to purchase John Hancock Life Insurance

Online application for the term life insurance policy is available for interested customers. Communication regarding the queries about policy can be done through calls r emails with the company. Individuals can also opt for company representatives or agents. The candidates can determine an online estimate by utilizing the calculator provided by the company online. Factors that should be considered for good policy selection are listed below:

  • current employment income 
  • coverage duration required by the beneficiary
  • estimated costs of final expenses
  • rest of the income sources
  • present assets
  • current life insurance policies
  • debts and mortgage balance

John Hancock does not provide online purchase of life insurance policies except term life insurance. However, the facility to manage policy-related documents such as electronic copies, standard forms, and online document storage is provided by the company electronically.

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FAQ’s related to John Hancock

According to my state, which products and riders does John Hancock offer to me? 

Except for some, a large number of products and riders are available in each state. You may consult an agent from the company to enquire about the availability of your desired product. 

What comes under the coverage of John Hancock’s life insurance?

Either term or lifetime coverage is offered by John Hancock life insurances based on the type of policy. In addition, for paying final expenses such as mortgage debts, beneficiary expenses, or other financial obligations, the tax-free death benefit can be utilized. 

What advantages do John Hancock life insurance policies provide?

The tax-free benefit is included in all the life insurance offered by John Hancock. A tax-deferred cash value is also included in all three universal life policies. These cash values can be utilized within the lifetime of the policyholder and also be borrowed. In addition, distinguished investment choices are available in the universal policy. 

What is the maximum amount one can borrow from a John Hancock life insurance policy?

The maximum borrowing amount is decided on a series of factors such as gender, risk class, age, funding level, selected product, and charges against or credits to the policy. 

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