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These Are The 3 Best Life Insurance Policy Providers

We seriously recommend holding a life insurance policy if you have a family and children/ elderly parents to look after. Owning the same has obvious benefits, like an inevitable future for your near and dear ones! However, many individuals don’t own a life insurance policy, under the impression that it costs too much. Nevertheless, this is a myth. Reports suggest that people tend to imagine that the cost involved in owning a policy is five times compared to the actual price.

 For a better understanding, you may think of life insurance plans as a contract between two parties: the person who signs up for the plan, and the latter is the insurance company that is obligated to provide its client with death benefits, unfortunately, if the person who’s insured dies. One cannot undermine the importance of owning health insurance, while at the same time, many regards finding a good, trustworthy insurance firm in the market as a very tough job. Therefore, to help you find a reputable life insurance company, we’ll lead the torch. 

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Few characteristics of the firm, like, the ability to assist a client in obtaining enough coverage/ sufficient coverage, which can help replace the insured’s income while covering other expenses, is a must. If you stand confused, don’t worry; we’ll help you find the best life insurance that fits your needs completely, making the journey easier. We help in the same by conducting various researches about different firms, post which we review them. Our rankings are reliable since we consider multiple factors such as financial soundness, customer service, and pricing. 

Best Life Insurance Policy Providers

Here are the top three best life insurance policies out there:

Northwestern Mutual

The firm has received a 4.6 rating out of 5 from the 360 overall; on top of that, the firm also has been provided with an A++ rating by the AM Best. These ratings speak loud for the company itself. This firm is among the highest-rated insurance providers, with its hands-on more than 160 years of expertise in the financial services sector. The firm has a more conventional approach to life insurance. The firm has a range of coverage, providing its clients with humungous alternatives to choose from. Northwestern Mutual provides three types of policies, and those are:

  • Universal
  • Whole
  • Term

 At the same time, the firm provides its customers with a personalised approach for evaluating their coverage requirements; its financial advisors are at their assistance to help individuals with the same. 

Haven Life

It is the second-best insurance company on our list with a 4.3/ 5 rating. This Life Insurance Company is known for exclusively selling term life insurance policies. The company utilises various online tools in applying for insurance; this convenience eliminates the need for face-to-face interaction with a typical agent, which is a more traditional process of getting insured. If you look at the company’s history, you may find out that it is a bit new in the market compared to its other rivals, but the firm stands fully backed up by another well-known firm, MassMutual. This firm looks forward to providing inexpensive, simple-to-manage term life insurance plans online, making the procedure more convenient for the buyers!  

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State Farm

The company is the second runner up on our list, with an A++ rating from AM Best while a 4.2 out of 5 from 360 overall ratings. This company hold expertise in the field with experience of over a century. One of the major attractions of this firm is that the firm gives the buyers who have previously purchased several insurance plans from the company a discount. Even this firm has three types of coverage, namely:

  • Whole
  • Universal
  • Term

Unlike many companies’ conventional modes of payment, State Farm stands out by opening the option for its customers to pay in any method they find feasible. The variety of ways include mail or paying the premium physically at the State Farm’s office. There is yet another remarkable attraction of the firm. If an insured individual happens to outlive their period of insurance, the company will completely refund the premiums paid by them to them.  

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