Primerica Life Insurance Review

Primerica Life Insurance Review

Primerica specializes in providing term life insurance and therefore at present, stands as one of the most trusted life insurance firms. It has been years since Primerica first began selling this term life insurance. The company holds experience of 40+ years, as it was found in the year 1977. Primerica started emphasizing term life insurance so that this insurance didn’t just become affordable but an overall strategy for investment by prominent families. 

Primerica then and now

Primerica calls itself North America’s most prominent private financial services marketing company. Primerica was earlier known as A.L. Williams & Associates and founded in 1977. The firm’s motto was to “Buy Term (Life Insurance) and Invest the Difference.” The services provided by Primerica were curated to lure middle-class American families. Presently this company is working on a multi-level marketing system. It is not just termed life insurance that you can trust Primerica with but their services as well, namely

  • mutual funds,
  • house and vehicle insurance,
  • identity theft protection, and
  • pre-paid legal help.

Who we are?

Owing to the IPO in 2010, the firm first changed its name to Primerica Financial Services. Later, Primerica, Inc. Headquarters of this firm that is originally Georgia-based is located in Duluth. Primerica isn’t just any firm aimed toward profits. However, it at the same time is engaged in community outreach as well as charity. The Primerica Foundation seeks to assist individuals in achieving financial self-sufficiency.

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What to expect?

Suppose someone would compare the life insurance that Primerica provides to those of others. In that case, they’ll find that Primerica’s plans for insurance are pretty straightforward, and it doesn’t offer a variety. Unlike many firms that provide various life insurance, including universal and whole, Primerica doesn’t do that. It only provides one form of term life insurance policy, which is why this firm is not an excellent choice for many, especially those who stand incapable of choosing what kind of insurance they want. But in case a customer is pre-decided about what they need, then they may go for Primerica.

However, Primerica doesn’t provide a range of online tools and easily accessible material like many insurance firms do, making it essential to get Primerica’s insurance via an agent. Primerica currently stands at 7th position in the Best Life Insurance Company category in 2021 with an overall rating of 3.9 and terms of grades and an A+ rating by the A.M. Best.

Pros and Cons

Before choosing a service, you should know about it to see what you are signing up for! Each service or product has with itself attached advantages and disadvantages. 


· This company specializes in term life insurance.

· There is only one sort of insurance accessible, which keeps things simple for its clients.

· Face-to-face engagement with the agent provides a sort of trust and comfort.


· One can’t get the details about Primerica’s insurance online due to the lack of information up there.

· The service provided by Primerica is limited to only term life insurance plans.

· Customers who decide to buy insurance from this firm may have to arrange agents exclusively for themselves.

Prospective consumers should note that Primerica operates under a multi-level marketing (MLM) framework. Owing to this, friends or family members may call you and discuss the insurance acting as an agent. Suppose their arguments convince you enough that you end up buying the insurance. In that case, you may be recruited as a member of the firm, aka the agent. But, don’t feel discouraged from these marketing tactics if you think Primerica’s life insurance plan is suitable for you. 

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Options for Primerica’s term life insurance

 At Primerica, one can only find a single type of term life insurance coverage, Primerica Term Life Insurance. The buyer may customize the term of life insurance as per their will. This insurance firm does not offer customers the option of applying online. It does not even reveal the age limitations for using a term life policy. Riders that are available mainly include an Increasing Benefit Rider as well as a Waiver of Premium Rider. One also gets the terminal illness benefit with the term life insurance. Due to the limitation in the option, there is no option of conversion too!

Primerica’s Price Reveal

One can think of Primerica as a bit secretive since the firm doesn’t reveal its introductory price and doesn’t disclose even post the inquiry. You may not be able to find about the same online. Instead, you’ll need to contact the agents. As told previously, one can’t purchase this life insurance online. Instead, an appointment with the Primerica representative available nearest to your location should be taken so that one may get to know about the insurance and even purchase. 

If you are unsure about your coverage needs, you may take a company’s Financial Needs Analysis; it’ll help you determine your needs within 30 minutes. Suppose you are wondering what this Analysis would consist of. In that case, it’ll have topics such as your family’s assets and debt, retirement objectives, and financial awareness. This Analysis will not only help you determine coverage but about subjects such as debt-reduction, retirement-funding, and education-funding programs.


Primerica’s term insurance policy pays tax-free death payments to the insured’s beneficiary. In case you have a specific underlying health condition, you’ll have to talk to your agent about the same as well as proceedings. Owing to the non-disclosure format, details of their insurance, such as the eligibility and coverage, standstill unknown.

Nonetheless, the ranking and ratings of the company speak for themselves; in case of specific interest, the agent would be the best to help!

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