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Understanding Why Pets Best Insurance Is The Right Choice!

When it comes to pets, we always look for the best options, food or their dresses, grooming kits, or even the best insurances. Our woofs, paws and kitties are best companions at the end of a tiring day; it becomes a little overwhelming when they are adopted or rescued ones.

List of Pets Best

One of the names in the list of renowned Insurance companies of 2021 which offers insurance for the illness and injuries of pets is The Best Company. It was founded in 2005 by veterinarian Jack Stephens, who also launched the First North American Pet Insurance Company in 1981 before starting the Pet Best Company. Nowadays, this Company operates under Synchrony’s Care Credit platform that offers health, wellness and personal care credit products to pay your pets’ expenses and vet bills.

Pros & Cons List

One of the cons of this Insurance Policy is that the rehabilitation coverage is only available in the Elite plan. On the other hand, the Pros of this Insurance Company is that they cover two wellness add-ons for routine care coverage; it also covers customizable benefits that too annually, provides reimbursement rates and is also deductible, it seems that this policy works well with all licensed veterinarians in the United States, Canada and also in Puerto Rico.

Pet best Company doesn’t have any limits on enrollment age, allowing you to purchase a policy for your senior cat or dog; whereas on the other hand rest of the companies set an age limit such as 10-14 years. It offers three plans- essential, plus and elite; to get the specifications of each plan, you need to get a quote. They serve the best plans effective at any licensed veterinarian’s office or any hospital in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Plans List By Pets Best

Before entering into a detailed conversation, let’s have a look into the Pest Best Insurance; it covers the illness, accidents and injuries for the cats, dogs along with wellness benefits. If you want to avoid taking decisions about your pet’s care lives due to monetary issues, then Pet Best is the ideal company for you. Also, it has an add-on wellness benefit for an extra cost that is already tagged on to the premium; because most of the companies do not usually cover routine vet visits like exam-fees, check-ups, and preventive care. Indeed the premium prices fluctuate based on the pet’s existing conditions, breed, species, age, location and the type of policy structure that you opt for. This company provides the two best wellness options that provide care coverage for the following: teeth cleaning, spay, rabies, tick prevention, vaccinations, heartworm prevention, wellness exams, screenings, blood and parasite exams, deworming, urinalysis etc.

How to get Pets Best Insurance?

Are you thinking of buying the best plan for your paw-friends? It’s as quick and straightforward as a cursor-click. Begin by getting an online quote after providing the pet’s name, age, gender, age, primary vet, and answer a few questions regarding your pets’ last symptoms, chronic conditions or breed-specific illness if any. Also, you need to fill in your name, email and ZIP code to get a customized quote. From there, you need to choose an essential plan, a plus plan for accidents, illness, injuries and related exam fees; or you can take the Elite plan that adds rehab to the coverage. In the next step, you are allowed to choose a wellness add-on for routine care coverage. This entire procedure is done online with easy and hassle-free steps.

Sometimes the question arises about how one can contact the Pet Best Company; they have customer care service from Monday-Friday, 6 AM to 7 PM. They also have their fax number and address on their contact page, with some FAQs listed with a search tool. One of the best parts about this company is they have their mobile App for serving much support; one can access benefits, submit claims; there is a 24/7 Helpline where you can have access to veterinary experts to answer questions about your pet’s health as well. There are waiting periods for the Pet Best Insurance plans; there are categories like three days for accidents, 14 days for illness, six months for ligament conditions; basically, waiting periods are effective from the date of policy purchase.

Pet Insurance companies List – The Competition

The competitors of Pets Best are Trupanion and Petplan; these companies offer insurance policies to cats & dogs only. In Trupanion, there are no payout limits for any plan. It benefits the pet owners by covering unintended property damage by their pets or advertising for a reward for their stolen or lost pets, while Pets Best doesn’t offer the same. The Pets Best offer company provides a 5% discount if you plan to enrol for more than one pet Trupanion doesn’t offer. While Petplan is one of the best companies for pets but the waiting period of this Company is a bit longer for accidents and illnesses compared to that of Pets Best. Nonetheless, there are so many other ideal companies in the list like Embrace, Figo etc. Still, the pet owners should consider the value of the Policies and plan while choosing the best one.

The Company has a reimbursement policy too. It reimburses claims within 30 days after the claim has been processed, and if you elect paper check reimbursement, it may take 5-7 days after claims are processed. Claims can also be mailed or emailed to its Idaho, Boise address. While filing a claim, it will ask for original paid invoices. Proofs can also include a credit card invoice, but be sure to sign the claim form. You can use the online portal to submit, update or check a claim’s status.

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