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The best-rated car insurance provider is not always available at a low cost. It is alluring to buy a new car insurance coverage based on car pricing, but you would also require a company to assist you while filing a claim. Admittedly, you would not want to select an inexpensive car insurance quotation only to discover that it lacks the coverage you require. Our list of the Best Rated Car Insurance companies is based on feedback from genuine customers and pricing data to help you select the best car insurance coverage for your needs. We invited policyholders to rank the car insurance company on a scale of five based on their experiences.

Best Rated Car Insurance Companies

The best-rated car insurance company is USAA, but you must be a member of the military to qualify. If you are not eligible for USAA, our data shows that State Farm comes second in the list of best car insurers. We spoke with real consumers from the Top 9 car insurance companies of the state about their opinions. Their feedback can help you pick the most suitable insurance company by revealing the quality of customer service. We used the survey results to determine the country’s top-rated car insurance based on customer service, customer loyalty, and claims handling. The policyholders recommended insurance is also determined. 


Ratings: 4.45/5

Customers of USAA believe they are pleased with their customer service, according to our poll. They also appreciate the simple procedure to file a claim with the company. They are also delighted with the timely update on the claims’ status. The only drawback we found with this company is its restricted availability. Consequently, many individuals will be unable to obtain USAA insurance.

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State Farm

Ratings: 4.11/5

According to the majority of people surveyed, State Farm makes the claim filing process simple. The renewing policy is also smooth and effortless. If you are not affiliated with the military, then State Farm is the finest car insurance company. When the customers were asked about the satisfaction level with the status update by the company during the procedure of claims, State Farm received reduced results. Approximately 61% of customers who filed a claim with State Farm said they are incredibly inclined to extend their coverage, while another 20% said they would probably renew their insurance.


Ratings: 4.08/5

In our survey, Geico comes in third place on the best-rated car insurance company list. The claims filed by the consumers with Geico generally affirm that the claim procedure is simple. Moreover, they would suggest Geico to their friends and family members. Despite offering inexpensive rates and superb customer service, Geico ranked lower than other competitors in terms of worth. According to the study, 41% of respondents who did not file a claim showed their interest in Geico, while 49% of respondents in Geico’s policyholders recommended this company.

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Ratings: 4.06/5

Nationwide gets high scores among other companies, but it doesn’t stand out as being appreciably better than competitors in any particular area. Some customers expressed dissatisfaction with status updates or claims settlement by Nationwide. 76% of survey respondents who had submitted a claim with Nationwide were entirely satisfied with the convenience of filing a claim, 62% were well pleased with claim status updates, and 74% of respondents were happy with the resolution of a claim.


Ratings: 3.96/5

Farmers is smack dab in the middle position of our list. In our research, participants gave Farmers high scores for contentment with the customer service, value, and claims process. When we assessed if customers would suggest this insurer to their family or friends, their scores fell slightly lower, implying moderate overall satisfaction.

American Family

Ratings: 3.95/5

According to our survey, the satisfaction level of respondents with the handling of claims by this company is near the bottom. Still, customers are loyal to American Family. Customers suggested that this insurer is towards the list’s top in terms of the policy renewal process. Policyholders of American Family are willing to recommend this insurer to their family and friends.

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Ratings: 3.76/5

Customers of this insurance company did not indicate great satisfaction in most categories evaluated by our survey, as one might anticipate from a low-ranked insurance company. Customers who make claims with Travelers are dissatisfied with how their claims are handled, and most of them do not believe Travelers provides decent value. When we questioned whether individuals would recommend Travelers to their relatives and friends, they rated it highly. Still, when we asked whether they would extend their insurance, they gave it a bad rating.


Ratings: 3.66/5

The respondents who have claimed with Allstate expressed pleasure in the majority with the ease with which the procedure was completed but expressed unhappiness in most other areas. Because Allstate has increased rates than the other insurers in our rankings, its perceived value is low. Furthermore, the customers of Allstate are less inclined to extend their coverage in comparison to other competitors.

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