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Reviews and Ratings of Mercury Insurance

  • Mercury has an expected number of complaints in terms of auto insurance according to a company of its size. 
  • Mercury also received a higher number of complaints than expected in the field of home insurance.
  • Only certain states have rideshare insurance available.
  • Certain extras attached to auto insurance policies help in lowering the price. 

California possesses a massive customer base of Mercury Insurance within itself. However, there are ten other states where the company is responsible for selling auto insurances. Additional facilities and products are also sold by Mercur Insurance, such as commercial auto insurance, home renters, etc. Mercury Insurance operates through an extensive network of independent agents.  

Auto Insurance by Mercury

In terms of overall performance, Mercury Auto Insurance has earned itself 3.5 stars out of five. The editorial team of our organization is responsible for calculating these company ratings. A series of factors and aspects such as claim filing efficiency, discounts, website transparency, account pricing, complaint records, and financial strength data collected from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners are considered for evaluating a company’s performance.  

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Mercury Insurance primarily operates in the auto insurance market by offering the essentials and basic coverage packages. Some of the options are roadside assistance and rental car coverage, which is of your own choice. Also, the repairs made on your vehicle will be guaranteed for a lifetime if Mercury Insurance approves the repair facility. 

Leaving out New York and New Jersey regions, Mercury Insurance sells rideshare insurance in every state where it sells auto insurance. According to the plain old rules, you will not obtain auto insurance if Lyft or Uber employs you. However, the insurance is available for the drivers who are on their way to the customer or are currently driving with a customer. Whereas none of the policies cover you while you are waiting for the fare. But the rideshare coverage comes to the rescue here. For this to avail, an individual must own Mercury auto insurance.

Auto Insurance Discounts by Mercury

  • Offered only in Texas. MercuryGo discount is provided according to your driving behavior.  
  • Discount on distance driven.
  • Discount for clean record drivers.
  • Electronic Signature discount. 
  • Several car discounts. 
  • Discount on full payment. 
  • Bundling discount. 
  • Discount for good grade students. 
  • Discount on anti-theft installation. 
  • Discount on Autopay. 

Homeowners Insurance by Mercury

Mercury Insurance excels in selling customary coverages along with specific features attached, which include:

• Identity theft protection and management: With the coverage amount limit extending up to $25 000, your expenses for identity theft restoration are backed up. 

• Home appliances and equipment repairs: For various home repairs such as water heaters, kitchen or laundry appliances, electric panels, and air conditioning systems, coverage is available. 

• Service pipe coverage: With the claim limit reaching $10,000 per claim, the coverage is offered for replacing or repairing service lines like water, sewer, and gas lines on the damage. 

• Extended replacement cost: With this coverage, the dwelling limit to rebuild your house is paid up to 150%. 

• Additional coverage for valuables: These valuables may include items such as fine art or jewelry.

• Cyber coverage: The coverage rescues you in case of a digital fraud with the maximum amount of $50,000 and a $500 deductible. 

• Difference in conditions endorsement: This coverage is only provided to the individuals owning California Fair Plan Policy. Gaps in the policy such as water damage because of broken pipes and theft.

Discounts by Mercury on Homeowner Insurance

  • Bundling discount.
  • Security devises discount.
  • Discount on construction materials resistant to fire.
  • Discount for possessing a comparatively new home.
  • Discount for a gated community.
  • Discount for being a resident of the National Fire Protection Association approved community and known as Firewise USA. Or discount for taking measures against wildfires. (Only for California)

Customer Satisfaction and Complaints of Mercury

State regulators received approximately as expected number of complaints about Mercury according to its size in auto insurance. The data is collected from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. For home insurance, the numbers were high than the expectation of complaints. With the records, Mercury achieved below-average status for auto insurance claims and auto insurance shopping as rated by J.D. Power’s study of customer satisfaction in the year 2020.

Elaboration on Mercury

Mercury Mobile app: Gaining access to the digital I.D. card and availing facilities such as bill payment and roadside assistance are quick and straightforward with the Mercury app.

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MercuryGo is a mobile application dependent on utilization that maintains constant vigilance on your driving behavior. According to your habits, you can earn a discount for enrolling or even an extra discount on renewal. However, this application is only restricted to the access of texas drivers.

More Insurance Types Offered from Mercury

  • Condo insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Mechanical breakdown insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Landlord insurance

Recap: Mercury advantages and disadvantages


• Rideshare insurance provided

• Extra homeowners coverages such as cyber coverage are offered for the individuals who suffered through the online attack.


• High number of complaints than expectation for home insurance

• Lesser options available for customization of auto policies

Method of Rating Auto Insurance

Our ratings for auto insurance judges and prefers companies for better performance stars if they provide features and practices keeping customers as a priority. The evaluation is determined according to the weighted averages of scores and considering consumer complaints, financial strength, and discounts. Within our user-friendliness, we feel more factors such as efficiency in claiming a file and website transparency. Despite our review, we strongly recommend that you conduct your personal and detailed research on comparing companies and then choose the most suitable option for you. We do not attain compensation in return for our reviews.  

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