Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Review

Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Review

According to the results of the direct premiums written, Liberty Mutual is hailed to be the sixth-largest firm for auto insurance in the United States. This firm provides a wide range of commercial and personal insurance plans along with standard auto insurance.

Rankings and Ratings

This insurance firm has received a rating of 4.5 out of a total of 5 stars for its fantastic performance in the field. The manner in which these ratings are determined is entirely based on criteria such as price and discounts and the most crucial, namely the ease with which a claim may be made.

Other factors examined for awarding stars include the website’s transparency, the firm’s financial stability, and, most importantly, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ complaint data. Based on these ratings, we claim Liberty Mutual auto Insurance to be amongst the best firms providing this service in 2021. 

What are you need?

While you as a customer are searching for auto insurance, it’s critical to deliberate over the kind of coverage you require and what factors in a coverage hold a vital place. It is a well-known fact that there is a law according to which you can drive only if you have auto insurance. Also, the minimum coverage varies from one state to another. It is this insurance only, which aids in covering the liability insurance and coverage for both uninsured and underinsured motorists. There also is an option available for opting for full coverage insurance. It may be of interest if you require more protection. This coverage is not just a single policy that one may purchase at their convenience. Instead, it is a collection of coverage with different policies under varying categories such as liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance, within itself.

Types of car coverage insurance

There are many vehicle insurances available on the market, some of which are extremely common. Therefore here is a quick explanation for a better understanding:

  • All-inclusive coverage:

Repair costs are spent due to events beyond one’s control, such as accidents due to bad weather it’s hitting an animal while driving, stealing, or vandalism.

  • Liability for personal injury and property damage:

Costs connected with injuries, deaths, or property destruction due to an accident by the insured. 

  • Collision insurance:

This covers the costs of repairing a car that has been involved in a traffic collision, irrespective of the fault.

  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage:

Expenses for medical treatment and property damage resulting from an accident with a person with little or no insurance.

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More on Additional:

Liberty Mutual provides coverage plans that are primarily standard in nature. Nonetheless, it simultaneously offers various add-on options, which a customer may include in their plan by paying extra charges.

Here is the list of additional:

  • Replacement of a new vehicle:

 Suppose the customer’s automobile is damaged during the first model year or the beginning’s 15,000 miles. In that case, they will be compensated for the total cost of a replacement car rather than the depreciated price.

  • Insurance to cover the gap:

This insurance is responsible for paying the difference in case your automobile is damaged, and you need to pay an amount through a loan or lease that is more than its value.

  • Forgiveness for mishaps:

One accident in 5 years is considered to be forgiven, and the cost of the premium too doesn’t go up. But this coverage option isn’t available in the state of California; note that the rules and regulations too may differ from state to state.

  • A better vehicle replacement:

In case the insured’s automobile is damaged, regardless of the vehicle’s age or mileage, the customer will be compensated for a year fresher car and has 15,000 fewer miles than the insured’s initially damaged car.

  • Deductible fund:

When a customer adds this option to their insurance, the firm establishes a “fund” that helps to reduce your collision deductible. Every year, the insurance firm, on their part, would provide $70 while the customer’s contribution would be $30.

Teacher’s Auto Insurance

This firm also provides exceptional coverage for teachers, but this coverage is not available everywhere. Nonetheless, if it is available in your area, you won’t have to pay any extra price to avail the service. Here is the list of coverage that it provides:

  • Personal property insurance:

If materials used for teaching purposes or any other school-owned assets are damaged or stolen in your automobile, it is on the firm to compensate up to a sum of $2,500 per occurrence.

  • Protection against vandalism:

 There is no deductible if one’s car is vandalized while attending a school-related event or within the school’s premises.

  • Insurance from Collision:

No deductible will be charged if your car gets damaged within the school’s premises due to an accident.


There are various factors through which you may get a price cut out from Liberty Mutual. However, these factors would vary from state to state. In case the element matches your locality and you’re found eligible for a discount, you’ll get your hands on it! Another way to get a discount is via “The RightTrack program”: It is an app by Liberty Mutual which monitors your driving habits such as speed, brakes, etc. There’s a discount for using it and a discount post 90 days of evaluating how good and safe your skills are. 

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Liberty Mutual home insurance

This firm provides standard home insurance plans. The customer may go for additional depending upon their needs. Nonetheless, the customers have rated the performance of the same below average, and the number of complaints received is humungous compared to the firm’s size. 

Know more

To know more about the firm, one may check out their website and their mobile-based application and get an in-depth of all the information needed!

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