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Ladder Life Insurance Review 2021

The Ladder is a startup developed in 2015, which excels in providing term life insurances to individuals ranging from 20 to 60. Since 2015, the company has progressed remarkably and extended its approach to the 50 states of the U.S., including the capital, Washington D.C. 2020 witnessed Ladder initiating a collaboration with a personal finance company named SoFi and the law firm NetLaw. The partnership was executed to benefit SoFi members and permit them to generate free wills. 

Life insurance by Ladder

On a scale of 5 stars, Ladder lands a firm 3. These ratings are specifically determined by the editorial team. Combining the information and stats from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and financial strength ratings, we derive the formula for reviewing insurances.

The Pros and Cons


  • Efficient and user-friendly digital handling. 
  • The medical exam is not required for selected applicants. 
  • The maximum coverage limit is $8 million.


  • The policy issuer of the company has a high count of complaint receiving. 
  • The benefit of adding riders to the policy is not offered.

Life insurance policies by Ladder

Elimination of agents from the process of managing policies encourages efficient experience with the company. In addition, the fast working of Ladder makes the applicant becomes insure immediately within minutes.

According to your age, Ladder has a series of policies ranging to $8 million and a term of up to 30 years. However, the addition of your age and your selected term may not reach above 70. Individuals applying for insurance under $3 million are exempted from the medical exam.  

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Customers are permitted to modify their coverage amount online according to their requirements. The policy issuers of Ladder are Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York, Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company, and Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America.

Diving into the consumer complaints

Considering our analysis, we have compared the complaints to the size of the companies issuing Ladder life insurance. While Allianz Life has performed better by receiving fewer complaints than expected, Fidelity Security has disappointed by receiving more than estimated. The fact is backed up by the three-year records of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

An elaboration on Ladder life insurance

Discussing the digital portal of Ladder, they have done fairly well by keeping it simple and accessible enough for a mobile user. You are also provided with the facility of performing a quick price calculation check on few clicks. However, the ultimate price estimate demands more detailed information. 

Assistance on life insurance basics is also available in addition to estimating the expected coverage you will require. Downloading the mobile app of the company is free of cost as well. The Ladder has limited itself to selling life insurance only.  

The Guide to Purchasing Life Insurance

Deciding the category of your life insurance is crucial before you approach a specific company:

  1. Examine what life insurance riders you want to apply to your policy.
  2. Estimate the amount of life insurance and its coverage duration as well.
  3. Ensure that the insurers have the coverage available that you desire.

The price and the duration of the life insurance should be the same while comparing the purchasing rates. Next, inspect whether the medical requirements of the policy serve well to you. For instance, suppose a medical exam doesn’t fit well with you.

But answering health-relevant queries seems fine, then apply your selection process to only such kinds of policies that offer this facility.  

Purchasing a policy doesn’t include price as the priority for some. But always watch out for the statistics on complaints of every company; so that you choose the best possible service in terms of quality.

How did we determine Life insurance rating?

Our rating process involves a series of tasks and factors, such as calculating the average of financial strength ratings. Financial strength rating depicts the capability of a company to pay future claims.

In addition, we collect the records regarding the complaints about specific life insurance from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This is how we finally arrive at the precise five-star rating scale of an insurer.

Ratings can be beneficial for analysis and selection. But we recommend you to carry out your research too. Then, it will be suitable for choosing an effective, affordable, and efficient life insurance for you. But, unfortunately, our platform is not provided with any rewards and compensations for reviewing.

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How did we assess Insurer complaints?

The editorial team of our platform analyzed the complaints submitted to state insurance regulators and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in 2018-2020. NAIC creates a yearly complaint index for subsidiaries to compare the insurers. The factors included in preparing this index are total complaints relative to the subsidiary size and total premiums in the industry. 

We decided to generate a similar index on insurers for assessing the complaint track record of the company. Some of the elements used to create this index were market shares of subsidiaries within the last three years. The ratios for auto, home (renters and condo included), and life insurance are calculated individually.

The Final Verdict:

Ladder’s perspective on Life Insurance is practical and advanced. However, their policy issuer (Fidelity Security), facing criticism, points to the fact that more effective choices can be achieved. 

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