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Know This About Guardian Life Insurance Company

Family is one of the most significant assets one has but doesn’t their future at times scare you? Therefore, securing your near and dear ones financially is one of the most crucial things that should be on your to-do list. Getting yourself or your family member life insurance is a way to go ahead, but at the same time, there is the problem of choices! Choices as in, there are so many options of companies available who provide life insurance, making it difficult to decide which one to go for!

Make sure that the choice you make is the best! One of the best options available out there includes Guardian Life Insurance Company. This company has received the title of amongst the best life insurance companies of 2021. In terms of insurances, the company provides many options, including term life insurance, universal life insurance, and whole life insurance. 

About Guardian

This insurance firm was found in 1860 with its base in New York City. It offers various types of insurances and services, which include: individual life insurance, financial management, disability, and retirement planning, as well as several other forms of insurance for people. 


Guardian proves to be an excellent choice for all those looking for a wide range of choices by the insurance provider since the company provides various ranges, namely Term, whole, and universal life insurance. If you are confused about how this life insurance might affect your budget, then don’t worry because Guardian provides its applicants with an online pricing calculator that will predict your expenditures, which can help you evaluate how life insurance fits within your monetary plan. Thanks to the wide range of insurance types, that allows one to keep all of your insurance requirements under one roof, no matter how distinct the insurance is. 

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What attracts customers the most to this company is that the customer service provided by the company and the sensitivity to the needs of the customer are top-notch. There is a limit to the Term of life insurance; therefore, it goes up to 30 years. Your Term may last for a period of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. You might be amused to know that this company also has an overall rating of 3.9 and stands at 7th position for being the Best Life Insurance Companies for the year 2021. Guardian shares this position with MassMutual as well as Primerica insurance firms. 

Advantage and Disadvantage

Each product or service, as we all know, has pros and cons attached to it. The customers should know about the same to make a beneficial decision for them and well researched. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of the Guardian insurance company. 


  • Since Guardian is a mutual firm, clients who have enrolled for a whole life insurance policy are entitled to dividends.
  •  Guardian is one of those companies that provides life insurance to even HIV-positive clients, but there are specific criteria.
  • Insurances such as survivorship life insurance is hard to find. Thus one can’t avail of it at any firm. But, Guardian takes the lead here and provides this insurance. This particular insurance insures two people on a single policy.


  • Although, as a viewer, you may find Guardian’s website to be full of information on life insurance in general, however, it fails to give detailed data about Guardian’s policies and services.
  • The data about the cost of the plans too aren’t available, which makes things a bit difficult for its potential customers.

Kindly note that Guardian provides its customers with an option to convert. Therefore, if one has a term life insurance policy, the person may change it to whole life or universal life insurance policy. Given that it is done before the Term expires. Another essential detail includes that an applicant willing to get a plan from Guardian will have to purchase the same via an agent since it can’t be done online. Nonetheless, the payment of premiums may be made online by the customers.  

Characteristics of insurance plans

There are three types of insurance provided by Guardian, which includes, Term, whole and universal. Each of these types come with numerous characteristics, which provides all kind of information that the applicant might require to know beforehand. Since the characteristics are extensive, it is recommended that the customer analyses them in depth. The characteristics have defined the period, coverage amount, and other essential aspects. 

Pricing of the Plan

 In case of any information needed by the customer regarding the insurance pricing, they need to contact an agent or an official from Guardian itself mandatorily. At Guardian, one doesn’t, on life insurance, get bundling or multi-policy discounts.

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Guide to purchase Guardian’s Life insurance

Due to the limitation that potential clients are not provided with an option to purchase the life insurance plan online, people might feel the task is challenging. However, one can collect the documents very quickly by availing it either via email or the site itself. Since it is mandatory to find an agent to buy Guardian’s policy, its website itself assists its potential customers with the same. The only thing one needs to do is, go on their site and fill a form providing the details that have been asked. The site will then match you with its agent that is available locally and nearest to your location. 

While buying insurance, you must be sure of the kind of coverage you want, in case low cost- go for term life insurance set for some time. On the other hand, if someone’s looking for better coverage and value, they may go for whole or universal life insurance, although they’re expensive but serves the purpose. However, it is advised to take the suggestion of an official or an agent for better guidance. 

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