How to Buy Mexican Car Insurance?

How to Buy Mexican Car Insurance?

Mexico is known for its ancient sites, beaches, and fabulous food and is an excellent place for tourists. Driving to Mexico by car with more minor preparations is not good, especially if you are an adventurous person with an exciting spirit. Most Americans prefer travelling to Mexico by car. Car insurance is mandatory by the law of Mexico for all automobiles until and unless you get additional insurance, often known as Mexico tourist auto insurance as the U.S. automobile insurance usually won’t protect you. And if you don’t follow Mexican law, you could be seeing yourself in jail.  

Do I Need Mexican Auto Insurance?

The Mexican Federal Liability Law has mandated to insure your car as, when you cross the Mexico border, your U.S. Insurance for automobiles will be restricted. You could be arrested if you are involved in an automobile accident without insurance. A specialist insurance provider should be consulted to get vehicle insurance coverage. You should obtain insurance that handles your duration of stay. You have to pay a subscription in the United States that is different from your auto insurance coverage. The dates you choose, on that date, your coverage will begin and stop. To get Mexican vehicle insurance coverage, you will need the following:

  • Dates on which you will be in Mexico
  • In Mexico, where will you be travelling?
  • Your policy number for vehicle insurance in the United States
  • License to drive 
  • Your car’s year, make, and model
  • Number issued to the vehicle
  • Number on the license plate

Limited Mexico Coverage

Certain insurance providers offer limited Mexico coverage as part of their policy. A “limited Mexico coverage” support is also available from some motor insurance providers. This support expands the coverage of your existing United States motor policy to travel Mexico within a specific border distance. Consult your insurance agent to see whether your existing policy covers you once you cross the border.

What Does Mexican Car Insurance Cover?

Liability insurance is mandatory in Mexico. This covers property damage to others if you get involved in an automobile accident. You can set policy restrictions to some amount. It’s better to get the most liability coverage offered. This is `due to the fact that liability auto insurance in Mexico differs from that in the United States. Your insurer must pay the Mexican state’s minimum salary (x5,000 + burial expenses) per person if you cause an accident that ends in death. The Mexican state can then increase this amount up to five times.

Other coverage types for Mexico driving

If you get vehicle damage or injury to you or your rider, liability insurance does not cover that. You can bridge that gap in your coverage by acquiring other forms of coverage, like:

  • Physical damage coverage – If your automobile is stolen or destroyed by situations like a car accident, theft, natural disaster, this coverage will payout.
  • Medical payments– If you and your rider get injured in a vehicle accident, this will pay your medical bill.
  • Legal assistance- This covers legal charges like a lawyer and court fees If you are in an automobile accident in Mexico.
  • Roadside assistance– In Mexico, Automobile breakdown covers towing, battery jumpstarting, locksmithing, and flat tyre changing.
  • Medical evacuation– If you are wounded in a car accident, this insurance provides emergency transportation to a hospital.

Where Can I Buy Mexican Auto Insurance?

Mexican vehicle insurance is purchased in two ways:

  • An insurance company with a limited Mexico coverage endorsement allows you to extend your U.S. insurance up to a specific distance from the U.S. border.
  • A separate Mexico tourist car insurance policy. This insurance is different from your U.S. insurer and will begin on the dates you have selected.

One should check rates with various firms to get a reasonable pricing and coverage choice if you’re getting a separate Mexican auto insurance policy.

Tips for Driving in Mexico

If you’re planning a road trip in Mexico, here are some suggestions:

  • Keep your insurance documentation handy At least two copies of your Mexican auto insurance documentation should be with you. One duplicate should be kept in your car, and the other in a safe area, like a hotel safe.
  • Get a Temporary Vehicle Import Permit (TIP) – Any journey outside of the Border Zone necessitates the use of a TIP. If you go outside the Border Zone without a TIP, your vehicle can get seized, and you can be seeing jail.
  • Check travel advisories before you travel The U.S. Department of State has revised travel advisories regarding particular threats such as Covid-19 and security concerns.
  • Get Mexican car rental insurance You can purchase auto insurance at the rental counter if you rent a car in Mexico. Consult your agent if you want to hire a car in the United States and drive into Mexico. Not all rental companies let you drive to Mexico and limit your trip to specific locations.

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