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Esurance Review That Everyone Should Read Before Getting Insurance

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Esurance’s parent company is Allstate. As stated in 2020, the firm will be discontinued within the following months. Due to this, some of the content might be a little outdated. 

All about Esurance 

Esurance is an insurance firm well-known for its easy-to-use website, interactive features, and excellent mobile app. Esurance can be understood as one of those firm’s ideals for client base whose insurance requirements are simple and handled by themselves with a preference towards online availability of its prices. This firm provides auto insurance in 43 states, while homes insurance is only 31 out of those 43.

Rank and Ratings of the Esurance Auto Insurance

Auto insurance of this company has received a total of four out of five stars for its incredible performance in the field. How these scores are finalized is dependent on factors such as pricing and discounts, as well as the most important, i.e., the convenience of making a claim. Other variables considered while giving out stars include the transparency held by the website, the financial soundness of the firm, and the most important, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners complaint statistics. This firm has many options available while opting for auto coverage because it provides its clients with the standard but additional coverage options! The following are the additional coverage options:

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Roadside help in an emergency

With this particular coverage handy, Esurance will cover the expense of up to $75 required for towing, tyre changes, issues concerning locks, as well as other services. One may add this particular policy to their auto insurance that is more wholesome in nature. Nonetheless, one can use just this one as a claim altogether! One can ask for assistance with the help of the Esurance mobile app.

Rental coverage

Using this coverage, your total cost of the rental automobile is stolen, or at the time it’s repaired post an accident; this would be for a period of 45 days or a sum of $3,000. Note, this particular claim is available only in a few states also. One should have comprehensive and collision coverage to be eligible for this claim.

Gap coverage

If your leased vehicle were destroyed, Esurance would pay up to 25% of the worth of your car, thus helping you pay the difference using gap insurance.

Auto insurance discounts

There are several discounts provided by Esurance on auto insurance. However, to avail of that, one must be eligible as per the provisions set by the firm. Also, one may get their hands on the price deterioration, but it is not available in all the states. Instead, it is limited, and for that, you’ll have to go in-depth and take on research about the same. 

Drive sense Discount

Esurance’s DriveSense program allows drivers across 35 states to utilize an app that records driving behavior. As per those behaviors, the driver earns a discount. The discount amount keeps increasing depending on the behavior and if they’ve at least 50 trips logged. 

All about Esurance homeowners insurance

Esurance insurance firm provides its clients with an option of homes insurance plans. This particular policy is available across 31 states of the country. Suppose you reside elsewhere than those certain 31 states. In that case, Esurance’s task is to help you obtain a home insurance plan via its partner firm. 

Home insurance policies

Esurance offers a standard policy for home insurance like many other insurance firms do. But, this firm at the same time has two policies included in its list which makes it stand out, and these two policies are:

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Water backup protection

This coverage can be utilized when the drain starts to overflow. The total coverage varies from one state to another, whereas the sum ranges from $5,000 to $25,000.

Charges from the fire department

 If you ever need to call the fire department, then, at that time, this fee is paid by Esurance via this coverage. There are various optional features too that one may go for, namely:

  • Protection for extreme building damage coverage
  • Home daycare coverage
  • Building codes coverage in case of damage or new laws
  • Coverage for identity theft
  • Claims forgiveness on first accident etc. 

Esurance Homeowner’s discounts

There are a variety of discounts that Esurance provides for home insurance. If you are eligible for it, you get price cutouts. The best part is that it is not limited to particular states. 

Complaints and Satisfaction

As per three years of records collected by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Esurance insurance firms had more complaints about vehicle insurance. But, looking at the size of auto insurance, the performance was above average. However, for house insurance, the performance was estimated as below average. We conclude that the satisfaction of the customers as per the ratings is quite varying. 

The firm also provides a coverage counselor. They can help you select what kind of insurance is best for your interest! The firm is tech-savvy and uses many apps and a very informative site to aid its customer. Nonetheless, there are always pros and cons associated with the firm. So, do have a look at the same before you opt for a firm:


  • Several pricing cutouts and coverage choices were provided.
  • Clients are delighted with ease at shopping for auto insurance.
  • The website and digital technologies of the firm are straightforward to use.


  • Customers are not highly content with the auto insurance claim service being provided to them.
  • A high number of complaints about both house and auto insurance

We hope this helps you get a better idea about the firm and its services. 

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