Encompass Auto & Home Insurance Review

Encompass Auto & Home Insurance Review

Encompass is an insurance firm that provides coverage through its variety of policies that has been combined to suit the necessity of its client. The policies include everything related to car and house. If one needs to get hold of these insurance products, one way to do so is via agents. The good news is that one can get hands-on this particular insurance in at least 39 out of 50 states present in the US. 

Ranking and rating

You’d be happy to know that Encompass has secured the 10th position out of the 20 auto insurance providers for the year 2021. This firm has its headquarters in the Northbrook region of Illinois; many might know, but it is a subsidiary of Allstate Insurance. This auto insurance firm has received 3.5 out of 5 stars for the overall quality of its services. 

Process of evaluation

If you wonder how we come out to a concluding score, we owe it to various factors involved in a company. These mainly include pricing and discounts provided, simplicity of applying for a claim, transparency in the website, the financial soundness of the firm, number of complaints (data provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners), and many other parameters. 

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Auto Insurance

Before you opt for auto insurance, you must critically analyze what you need! The reason for the same is that there are special eligibilities out there while driving; like in a few states, you mandatorily need a license, while in others, there is a minimum insurance coverage amount that you should have. Policies like these aid with covering liability as well as coverage for uninsured as well as underinsured vehicles. There is also an option for people to opt for full coverage insurance, this kind of insurance may be of great aid if fuller protection is required. You don’t have to take any tension with full coverage as it covers most factors such as liability, accidents, and overall comprehensive insurance.

Coverage Types

There is a variety of coverage options available, such as:

  • Insurance for collision 
  • Responsibility for bodily harm and property damage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists

Thanks to Encompass, you may opt for standard home and vehicle insurance plans and coverage options for it; you may also choose a variety of combinations of insurance policies that aid in covering your car, house, and other valuables. There are three levels in which these Encompass plans are available, namely:

  • special
  • deluxe
  • special 

One thing to note here is that the availability of coverage varies from one state to another. 

Explanation of levels


This is the most basic kind of coverage available. The following are add ons which would require extra payment:

  • New car replacement

If your vehicle has been stolen, you will be reimbursed for the cost of a new automobile, but the brand and the model of the car would remain the same, i.e. no upgradation. 

  • Electronic Equipment Coverage

Compensation will be made to the consumer for the loss of any electronic equipment permanently in the vehicle.

  • Gap cover

In this type of insurance, the payment is done for the actual cash value to the difference amount you owed to your bank from whom you took the loan for the auto.


This type has all that the special coverage includes along with add ons; at the same time, it also has a provision of adding two exclusive options too, these are:

  • First-time accident forgiveness is provided in this coverage. It means that if you have Encompass insurance, your premium will not raise the first time post your accident.
  • You also get a windshield repair deductible waiver. This means that coverage is provided to you for repairing your windshield rather than replacing it.
  • You get everything from special and deluxe in the elite category except gap coverage and new car replacement. Nevertheless, you may add these to your list as additional add ons.
  • You get accident forgiveness for an unlimited time, i.e. more than one.
  • It is ensured that you’re covered by the coverage, even if it is not your car but your company’s. 

There is an additional wholesome and comprehensive list for other factors/ eligibilities for discounts you get under Encompass auto insurance. 

Encompass Homeowners

Encompass also provides coverage for its homeowners. There again are three packages available, i.e. Special, deluxe and elite.


Under this, the coverage responsibility includes:

  • Fur and jewellery in case stolen
  • Coverage for property loss in the neighbourhood
  • Restoration coverage under disaster covered in the policy
  • Coverage for the damage caused to your house in case someone breaks in

There are also other add ons which help you reconstruct the building as per the new building code and compensate for extra funds in case required.

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This is a big one as this has coverage for everything in special and various additions with a higher sum of compensation. New ones include water backup, walk away from coverage and many others. 


It is a luxury package and consists of everything that Deluxe has. The amount covered here’s the double amount covered under the deluxe package. In addition, there is various new inclusion like lock replacement, coverage for the fine art, medical expenses, and what not! One may get their hands on Encompass’ home insurance discounts if the applicant syncs with the eligibility criteria for the same.


As per three years of statistics coming from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the firm has had some similar complaints to what was expected out of them being a house and automobile insurance company.

Other Information

You may get additional information about the company and policies via its website and a mobile app. There are amazing pros of the coverage, but a few cons are:

  • It’s not accessible in all states
  • Rideshare insurance isn’t available
  • A few of the benefits may only be availed in a higher amount package

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