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Comparing the best home insurance companies!

Nowadays, home insurance is a tremendous boon to provide financial protection to your house due to natural or artificial disasters or calamities as they provide compensation for the damage that has been caused to your home due to hazards. While getting yourself insurance, a few factors should be considered, including average annual premiums, available coverage options, financial satisfaction, ability to handle customer services claims, etc. The companies that we choose for our homes are a combination of competitive rates, discount options, extra unique features; the companies are nothing but a variety of competitive rates and discount options to their customers. Sometimes you can customize your policy too to cater for your needs.

Comparing home insurance companies

Choose the right company for you by understanding your needs, shopping around and evaluating what is best for you. Also, working with a licensed agent can be beneficial for you while purchasing homeowners coverage. The agents understand your need, and they can suggest great offers for you amongst the options given to them.


Homeowners is a famous company that provides financial protection to you and your family members against any calamities. It is a standard policy that you in several ways, like home structure and belongings, additional living expenses, liability protection, that serves dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, medical payments, etc.

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A recent survey established that USAA is an excellent company policy for military embers or their immediate family members. It has the A++ rating according to AM Best financial strength rating. Whereas Lemonade is considered one of the most tech-savvy and low-cost insurance, it has a 4.6 bank rate score. This company uses a high-tech mobile App and artificial intelligence, which can help customers get the quote. They are the best fit for the young customers looking for basic insurance; Lemonade’s standard insurance includes dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, personal liability coverage, loss of usage coverage, medical payments, etc. Lemonade’s renters’ insurance provides financial protection during situations like fire, theft, vandalism, lightning, windstorm, hail, smoke etc.


Travelers have unique policy management that often includes Alexa and echo devices. It is a highly accessible company that provides a range of discounts to help policyholders save more. One of the cons of this company is that you may need to contact your independent agent to manage the policy rather than working it online or through an App. Travelers is indeed a trustworthy company but not the cheapest. They have accident forgiveness coverage, premier new car replacement, loan or lease gap insurance, roadside assistance, personal injury coverage etc.


The American Automobile Association, has a wide range of coverage and is known for automobile coverage. They have bodily injury coverage, property damage liability, uninsured and underinsured motorists, medical payment coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive insurance, personal injury protection, rental reimbursement coverage, new car coverage, etc. The AAA members can avail the discount. There are advanced shopping discounts, bundle discounts, distant student discounts, multi-car discounts and many others. The types of coverage they provide are- personal liability, medical coverage, personal property policy, loss of use and others.

Amica Mutual

Amica Mutual is an company that has consistently ranked higher and is focused on the customer’s peace of mind. Although the average premium is higher than the national average, Amica is praised for its customer service and is ranked highest in the JD ranking. It has a highly-rated claims service, and the dividend policy allows the customer to recoup with some of the premiums. This company has A+ financial rating from AM Best. Except for Hawai, this company is all over the States.


Allstate home can be called one of the best homeowner insurance all over the United States. One of the best things is that it serves educational insurance information online. They might sell different types of insurance, but the company is probably famous for its auto insurance and is the fifth-largest company according to the market share. Allstate serves the following types of coverage- accident forgiveness, sounds system insurance, new car replacement, roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, personal injury protection, rideshare coverage and also this company excels in discounts like- multi-policy, new car, brilliant student, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft device, paperless statements etc. Allstate also offers add-on coverages that help customize your policy like identity theft restoration, water backup, business property, sports equipment, yard and garden, musical instruments, green improvement reimbursement etc.

State Farm Life Insurance


Chubb has specific policies specially made to cater to the needs of luxury homeowners. They have personalized risk consulting services created for the financial protection of policyholders. It has been rated as A++ by AM Best and is available all over the States and districts of Columbia. This company has an exceptional selection of extra coverages, including agreed value option, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, original equipment manufacturer parts. The cost of the policies largely depends upon the size and location of your home. It has been A++ rated with AM Best, and now its application is also live on android mobile phones; the application is an improved one, and Apple users rated it with 4.3 stars.


The Safeco Insurance company is one of the reputable companies in the market nowadays. However, it may not be the biggest provider of all time. It offers cars, homes, motorcycles, pet coverage etc., and this company gives homeowners an added perk of a home warranty. One of the cons of this company is that it is not available in Hawaii, Delaware or the District of Columbia.

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