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Life insurance may seem extraneous, but it’s an essential investment of our lives as it secures a monetary aspect of a future unseen. But the question remains whether term insurance would be best suited for you or whole insurance? Term life insurance usually works in a specific period of one, five, 10, 15,20,25 or 30 years. This policy might be seen as a reasonable and economical choice. Still, if you outlive the period of any chosen periods, you may not be able to procure anything after your death.

Whole life insurance usually works throughout your life without any set periods and usually with the perks of receiving dividends from your provider. If the option of choosing a whole life insurance policy seems tempting to you, then keep on reading as we give you the five best entire insurance companies you’ve been missing throughout.

Northwestern Mutual

A Milwaukee based company, Northwestern Mutual aims to provide services in life insurances, disability income etc. Founded in 1859, the company flourished throughout its journey as it carries an A+++ AM Best rating along with 14 logged complaints with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in 2020, a deficient number considering the size of the company. NorthWestern is also ranked four out of 23 companies in the J.D. Power U.S. Life Insurance Study 2020. The company provides three types of whole life insurance life policies: Traditional Whole Life Insurance, Variable Life Insurance, and Blended Whole Life. Check out the NorthWestern Mutual website for more information. 

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We’ve now arrived at the Springfield-based Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, popularly known as MassMutual, which aims to provide their services in Life Insurance, Long-term care insurances, etc. Founded in 1851, the company has a reputed rating of A++ from AM Best and 25 logged complaints with NAIC in 2020 with a low index of 0.07. The company provides six types of whole life insurance policies, all of which come with giving dividends. The entire life insurances are Whole Life 100, Whole Life 65, Whole Life 20, Whole Life 15, Whole Life 10 and High Early Cash Value. If MassMutual seems like a company to invest in, we highly recommend you follow their website for more information.

New York Life

The third-largest life insurance company in the world, New York life, was founded in 1845; New York Life highly invests its blood, sweat and tears towards providing the best in whole life insurance policies as it carries an A++ rating with AM Best. In 2020, New York Life was logged in with only 34 complaints with NAIC, a pretty low number considering the longevity and size of the company. The company mainly provides Whole Life Insurance and Custom Whole Life Insurance, both coming with the opportunity of receiving dividends. It also comes with other benefit reliefs riders such as accidental death benefit rider, chronic illness rider etc. Check out the New York life website for more details! 

State Farm 

Headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois, State Farm was founded by a retired farmer and insurance salesman back in 1922. It provides quality auto and casualty insurances policies, ranking 36 in 2019 Forbe 500 by American revenue. When it comes to whole life insurance policies, State Farm has been given a rating of A++ with AM Best. In 2020, State Farm was logged in with only 19 complaints with NAIC, below average with the company’s size. State offers four types of whole life insurance policies, all coming with the benefit of receiving dividends: Whole Life, Single Premium life insurance, limited pay life insurance, and Final expense. It also several rider benefits such as Waiver of premium for disability, Guaranteed insurability rider, Child’s term insurance and many more. Well, if you’ve loved State Farm for your beloved Ford F, then you shall live for the State Farm While Life Insurance Policies too! Check out more details, offers on the State Farm website now!


The Manhattan-based The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America or popularly called Guardian Life, with approximately 8000 employees working in the U.S., along with 3000 financial representatives working in 70 agencies across the whole of America. Regarding Whole Life Insurance policies, Guardian was credited with an A++ with AM Best along with 113 logged complaints in the NAIC in 2020, presumably a high count but translated below average due to a low index of 0.73, considering the size of the company. According to a representative, Guardian offers whole life insurance policies with limited premiums. Here, you can pay a premium for a complete life policy within a short period and benefit from receiving dividends. The minimum Guardian Whole Life Insurance for a death benefit is estimated to be $25000.

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What also might interest you is the provision where a healthy applicant infected with HIV might also qualify for a policy at Guardian. Depending on the policy and residing city of the applicant, the applicant gets access to riders and customize and bolster coverage. You might not find a quote for Guardian’s whole insurance policy online. Still, suppose our description of the company tempts you to invest with them. In that case, we highly suggest you type in your regional ZIP code into the company’s website, where the company will link you to a list of local insurance agents.

 Well, we might not be the best advisers in the world, but we do come to you with facts and a good amount of research of the five best whole life insurance companies you might be missing. We hope you find these companies life investment-worthy. Let us know what company caught your eyes, and we shall see you next time!

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