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List of The Best Pet Insurance Companies To Keep Your Pets Healthy

Those who have pets at their home know how expensive their medical treatment may get. Having pet insurance aids you with paying the expenses for the same. As a pet owner, you should look for an insurance company that resonates with you as well as the requirements of your pet.

It is not an extensive task to find the best pet insurance providers since most of them provide a wholesome package that too at an inexpensive monthly premium. But the only limitation here is that not many individuals who have pets also have insurance for them. Nonetheless, it is advisable to always stay insured. The best way to find the most suitable insurance plan is by making an informed choice post looking at the humongous choices available, which not just suits your pet but your budget.

Best pet insurance providers


This is the best insurance provider if someone is looking for a company without any caps on the coverage, therefore as an owner of a pet, you will not have to worry about exceeding the cap limit. Spot definitely is a newcomer to this pet insurance business, however, have attracted major fame towards itself. This company provides coverage for pets both accident as well as illness, which includes a variety of therapies and treatments. One may additionally find coverages like accident-only or a wellness rider for preventative treatment. Pre-existing conditions of the pets are covered by the firm, excluding a few. Nonetheless, the main attraction of the firm is the flexibility it provides in payment methods.


At FIGO you’ll be provided with simple online access, extensive coverage, as well as immediate access to a veterinarian, online 24/7. The provider gives a three-level option to decide from, each covering inherited, congenital, and chronic diseases. Regardless of the plan, each insurance has its own yearly limit, which can range up to unlimited. Customers find FIGO incredible since one may reach Customer support through various modes be it a message, tweet phone call etc. FIGO’s app also sends reminders regarding veterinarian’s appointments and also connects local pet owners using the cloud. The best part is that the coverage provided by the firm is 100%, unlike other firms which extend their coverage only up to 90%. 

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This firm provides dental coverage up to $1,000 per policy year for pets. This coverage includes everything ranging from root canals, extractions, any sort of teeth damage, gingivitis, and crowns. Embrace provides customers with an option of very basic coverage that is less than $6 per month for cats while a rate of $12 per month for dogs. This minimum coverage covers a variety of basic therapies under its plan. There’s an option available of adding various coverage to one’s plan if needed. Nonetheless, the reason why this plan has been sort as one of the best ones is that it covers all kinds of dental-related illnesses, providing wholesome coverage for the same. 


There are various types of preventive care offered by the firm be it vaccines, neutering and whatnot. The price range for routine care lies somewhere from $125 to $575. There’s a limit implied on the treatment, but it varies from one treatment to another. This firm is actually owned by MetLife which is one of the best insurer brands for auto, health etc. insurers.

Pets Best

This insurance firm provides insurance regardless of the age of your pet, however, it like other firms don’t provide coverage for a pre-existing condition/ illness. The firm has three plans to offer, namely: Essential, Plus and elite. You may find it amusing to know but regardless of the plan same stuff are covered. One if required can get two additional coverage plans for the routine wellness of your pet. What makes this firm the best option is its pricing, the pricing is minimal and barely goes above $50 even post taking up the most wholesome coverage plans available, seeming light on pockets.  


ASPCA is the short form for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This company offers a variety of policies that are made available by the United States Fire Insurance Company. At Pets Best you can get 24/7 telepath access. This firm also provides two plan coverages for horses, making it stand out from other insurers. Unlike most of the firms, the price range doesn’t vary on the plans but the individual policies. It is this budget-friendliness of the firm and its plans that the customers are attracted to it. 

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It is best known for providing single insurance for dogs and cats that cover diseases such as hip dysplasia as well as other genetic illnesses namely, diabetes, upper respiratory infections and thyroid disease. Here at this insurance company, post paying your deductible, your coverage will become eligible for paying out at 90% for everything that is associated with your pet’s condition, throughout its lifetime. You even don’t need to file a claim for payment to your vet if your vet uses the company’s direct payment system. The main attraction of the company is that one needs to pay the deductible only once and the treatment may continue for the pet’s condition throughout the lifetime.  


One can buy the coverage for their pets as early as weeks old, however, there’s no age limit. One doesn’t need to pay any kind of signing up charges. A thing that leaves the customers unsatisfied is that there is no preventive care coverage provided by the firm, as well as there are various limitations to the coverage of older pets. This is the best insurance for cats and all its hereditary diseases too are covered by the firm.  

In the end, we hope this thorough assessment will help you find the insurance company that best fits your needs! 

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