Best Life Insurance Policies

Best Life Insurance Policies: Let’s Talk About Life Insurance!

There’s always a call that persuades us to buy a life insurance policy from a particular company. Now even though, call like these can be annoying but they do explain a very important aspect of your investment if you have people depending on your income. Life Insurance. This article isn’t for those who might not consider the importance of having a life insurance. Still, if you’re not one of them, then we shall suggest you keep on reading as we present you how to get a life insurance, types of life insurances and the top three life insurance companies of 2021.

How to get a Life Insurance

Even though a life insurance sales agent only does his job when he tries to sell you a life insurance policy, but at times, there’s no way to determine the credibility of the caller. Buying a life insurance policy is similar to buying your first home or car, as in both cases you will be paying for something permanent, which stays with us for our benefit and protection. Like you inspect through many houses or visit many cars showrooms to find that perfect car, certain factors determine a good life insurance policy that is worth investing into. Those aspects are as follows.

Financial Strength

You should look for the financial rating given by at least one recognized independent agency: Fitch Ratings, Moody’s Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Standard & Poor’s, and AM Best. Their rating is based on an assessment of a life insurance company’s financial stability.

Customer Strength

If you’ve decided to invest in the best life insurance company out there, then it shouldn’t be challenging to work with them. A company that is recognized as the best in their field works towards providing the best in their services and policies, in the case of an insurance company. The company would have easy-to-use websites, short hold times when contacted via phone, and agents to guide you through the right policies according to your needs. You can always look at professional and customer reviews to get a gist of the company you’re looking into.

Policy Types

We look for a policy that exactly fits our needs, but one must measure that not all companies provide all kinds of life insurance policies. Since money is important, we shall find the right policy we require instead of choosing the wrong policy from a reputed company.

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Types of Life Insurance Policies

One of the important yet confusing aspects of buying a life insurance can be its jargon. To understand them, one must know the types of life insurance policies that various companies offer.

  • Permanent Life Insurance

It is a category of long-term indemnification which provides both whole life and universal life insurance policies. They are generally tagged under the expensive category but they offer more benefits to the customer. Sometimes called the cash value life insurance because they collect savings like a cash value account building in a policy.


  • Whole Life Insurance

A whole life insurance policy is made up of a premium and a guaranteed accumulation of cash value. If you’re looking into a policy that offers paying dividends, then a whole life insurance policy is the one for you. It also comes under the expensive category.


  • Universal Life Insurance

This type of life insurance policy builds cash value over time. A universal life insurance policy offers flexible premiums, although their premium affects the cash value and death benefit.


Top three life insurance companies of 2021

  • Northwestern Mutual

With an experience of 160 years, Northwestern Mutual has an A++ rating at AM Best and a 4.6 rating out of 5. They offer a more traditional approach to life insurances with a variety of coverage options. They use a personalized method of determining coverage needs. They have many financial advisers who always look ready to help out of their regular and thriving customers. Check out the Northwestern Mutual website to know more.

  • Haven Life

Haven Life has a 4.3 rating out of 5 along with an A++ AM Best rating. The company offers only a term life insurance policy with an online application instead of a personal interaction with a traditional agent. Young blood in the life insurance company market, Haven Life is backed by the well-established MassMutual. This company aims to offer affordable, easy to manage term life insurance policies on the internet, without any daily hassles of insurance shopping either using market tools or with a consulting agent.

  • State Farm

With ratings of 4.2 and A++ with AM Best, State Farm is ranked at no.3 in providing life insurance policies to the public. The 100-year-old company offers term, whole and universal life insurance policies with discounts, premium payment options etc. If any of your term life insurance policies are outlives, your premium is returned rightfully.

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