Best Home Insurance Companies

Best Home Insurance Companies in Detail

The single most significant purchase of a person s life is a home insurance policy that can act as a safety blanket. The right policy choice would help protect you from the costs of rebuilding after a fire, reinstating stolen items, repairing your home from any natural calamities or claims in liability in the case of injury on the property. With our flawless reputation as the Best Homeowners Insurance Companies of 2021, we would be obligated to provide you with the assistance to find the best homeowners insurance company for your accommodations. Our company reviews and guides cover a plethora of information from availability, rates, policies, and add-on coverage to the application process and how to file a claim.

Best Home Insurance Companies in Detail


Lemonade is a real tech-savvy as it is almost entirely online. Activities involving filing claims, policy changes are done through the mobile app or the website. It is constructive for the people who would rather not speak to an agent. And if there is an emergency that cannot be accessed through the internet, you can still call a phone number. They provide extra coverage without a deductible for fragile belongings such as jewellery, camera or musical equipment. They also offer charity programs. As a demerit, Lemonade isn’t as widely available as the others.


USAA prevails in the ratings as it offers services and conducts inclusive to the members who are a part of the military, veterans and their family members. Rather than having it as an add-on, identity theft is integrated into the policies of the company. So for a victim of identity theft, USAA has you covered. Unlike Lemonade, USAA provides insurance in every state. The policy also covers getting a home security system partnered with ADT, including discounts for homeowner insurance policies.


Amica has placed a spot on the Cheapest and one of the best Homeowners Insurance Companies of 2021 rating. They provide options for insurance coverage inclusive of add-ons like your laptop, business and identity theft. Amica happens to be the only company in our rating that provides dividends, meaning you get a percentage of your annual premiums. They also have a premium option called Amica Platinum Choice that offers services like their extended coverage for valuable items and water overflow options on their policy.


Allstate includes a variety of your standard homeowners’ insurance policies, including coverage options. These options include nearly common ones like personal property coverage for valuable items. Preferably less common policies such as coverage of sports and musical equipment, yard and garden apparatuses. Though Allstate is relatively expensive, it provides several discounts that may reduce the premium policy costs down for you.

State Farm

State Farm, arguably the most popular homeowner insurance company, provides services in all 50 states. They also offer irregular discounts. One is installing an impact-resistant roof. Policy options, including identity theft and sewer backups, are also provided. State Farm has a broad network of personalized 20,000 insurance agents in the U.S. For people who prefer getting guidance through a local agent, State Farm is right up your alley.


With the exception of availability in three states, Nationwide’s policy includes coverage for credit card fraud and rebuilding a house affected by a natural calamity. They have a Brand New Belongings benefit scheme, which compensates both the reduced value of personal belongings and the additional cost to purchase new items into one. Several options may be added to your owner policy, such as replacement cost, which pays for the entire replacement cost of an item, despite its depreciated value and identity theft insurance.

American Family

American Family brings attention to its local agents. Individual policies are provided in the sense that if your house is damaged, they will cover the replacement of the undamaged side to match it perfectly. Policies include equipment breakdown coverage that covers appliances, computers and other such electrical components.

Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance is one in the minority and of the best that provides guaranteed replacement costs in its policy. Other services include water backups, pump overflow and coverage of underground utility lines. Erie is also No.1 in the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies of 2021. One demerit includes the fact that it isn’t widely available as our other perks. It’s limited to fewer than half the states in the U.S.

Liberty Mutual

Reputed as one of the cheapest insurance companies, Liberty offers in every state but Wyoming. They include add-ons such as replacement cost, which only covers the actual cost rather than depreciated value and adjusts prices with inflation.


Also labelled Masterpiece Homeowners Insurance, which provides coverage such as replacement and water backups. Due to these feature it made it to our best insurance companies. In collaboration with Wildfire, Defense Systems gives wildfire hazard protection and accommodates you for evacuation to clean up your property after a wildfire. They are only available through agents.


Integrated more like an insurance broker, other companies command selling policies. Meaning, filing a claim wouldn’t be through Progressive itself, which allows them to provide a variety of coverage options to find a policy. Progressive is not available in Florida and Iowa.

Farmers Insurance

They cover three different tiers of insurance. The higher the tier, the more the coverage limits and features. All the tiers offer features including claiming forgiveness, meaning if you haven’t filed claims for a while, the premium cost won’t increase if a new claim is filed. The best Premier policy includes Guaranteed Replacement Cost, Though there are certain conditions for this policy.

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