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Having dental insurance is of great help as it aids in covering the expenses related to preventative dental care. This insurance is incredible as it helps one lessen the amount they require to pay during operations, such as crowns, bridges, and fillings, which are pretty expensive. It is suggested that one look for a dental insurance provider capable of offering policies that give the amount of coverage you require without having low yearly limitations or exclusions, which may restrict you from receiving any value. Suppose you are wondering how you can spot the best dental insurance plans available out there. In that case, you need to look for programs that provide the following:

  • an extensive network of dentists
  •  realistic yearly benefit caps
  • the possibility of inexpensive rates

 It is advisable not to select an insurance provider randomly but to compare and study various dental policies that you are considering to know which one suits your interest the best.

Here are the seven best dental coverages you should consider while getting yourself one:

Delta Dental

Delta Dental is amongst the nation’s one of the most extensive network of dental providers. This firm provides customers with the option of picking a dentist from a wide range of over 152,000 dentists.

Plan details aren’t constant throughout all states. The firm provides a variety of plans, including those that cover orthodontic therapy.

Here, preventive care, such as cleanings and X-rays, is fully covered. In contrast, all the other basic and major procedures, namely, root canals, implants, and crowns, are half covered.

Most of the companies, unlike Delta, don’t provide their customers with a variety of cheap orthodontia options.

Physicians Mutual

Physicians Mutual is one of the most reliable dental insurance firms holding an A rating from AM Best. This is one of the best coverage companies for seniors since its plans are especially beneficial to them. The coverage here includes a number as high as 350 treatments, which consists of crowns and dentures.

 Three basic dental insurance plans are available at the firm to choose from: Economy, Standard, and Preferred.

Although the preventive care coverage by the company is provided instantly, a period of 3 and 12 months are applied to basic and primary services, respectively.

This coverage has neither an annual nor lifetime limits. At the same time, it includes the benefits which assist in the payment for dentures and other customized pricing offers for seniors.

UnitedHealthOne Dental Insurance

This is one of the best dental insurances if you want it for your whole family. The reason behind being the best is the wholesome combo it provides, thereby being light on the pockets of the insured. 

This firm belongs to a Fortune 500 company and even holds an A rating from the AM Best for its financial strength. 

Depending on your living place, you may get covered 100% for preventive care. At the same time, they even have to wait for as long as four months of waiting period for primary and essential services. Nonetheless, a vast choice of dentist list is available to choose from. 

Humana Dental Insurance

This company is a good choice for a dental patient who might have specific needs. With an A rating from the AM Best, the firm speaks for itself. It is one of the best ones because there is an ocean of plans to choose from, out of which many are available at low rates. The major attraction is that some treatments only need to have deductible paid once. In contrast, many preventive care treatments are 100% covered. It has a strong network of dentists. To be precise, the customer can choose their dentist from a pool of 270,000 dentists. 

The primary and major services can even take as long as 6 and 12 months, respectively. 

Spirit Dental

This firm holds an A+ rating, provided to it by the Standard & Poor’s, and an A rating from AM Best. This insurance company works with a considerable number of dentists in its network. The list of dentists from whom clients can pick is as long as 111,500.

Spirit Dental provides dental insurance policies without long waiting periods and maximum yearly benefits, which are bound to grow after a few years of coverage. This insurance ensures that everyone’s accepted and that one receives coverage for necessary treatments like dental implants.

This insurance provider also consists of unique plans which offer to its customers the following:

  • preventive coverage
  •  three cleanings per year
  •  orthodontics for kids
  •  no waiting periods
  • Annual benefits up to $5,000 (you need to be a customer for three years minimum if you want this). 

Renaissance Dental

This insurance firm holds an excellent reputation and an A+ rating by the AM Best amongst its customers. It has a base of 300,000+ dental service providers. This company has great plans for both individuals and families; their coverage also varies according to the needs of the customer. However, all the programs provided by the company do not cover 100% treatment, also may have a reasonable waiting period for restorative and significant services.


It is the best plan overall, and credit goes to its vast network base of dentists and the procedures provided by it that are comprehensive. This firm has an A rating from AM best as well as Standard & Poor’s. Firm’s dental base is 93,000 big and provides 24/7 customer service via phone.  Within the network, customers can get hold of a plan with no co-pay or deductibles. As per individual choice and needs, one may decide on their plan after scrolling through various programs offered by the firm. However, the pricing may vary from one location to another. 


This is a well-curated list that has been prepared post thorough research; we hope this proves to be beneficial for the ones looking for dental insurance. 

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