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Buy the Best Dental Insurance Plans: Let’s Talk About Your Teeth!

When we talk about insurance, one must admit that it’s a world of its own, as so many companies offer us security in the form of coverage which might come in handy in times of our desperate needs. This article talks about Dental Insurance, an underrated yet essential investment, as we look into its importance, basic coverages and some top companies dealing with such policy. Dental insurance refers to the coverage provided for dental procedures such as teeth cleaning/whitening, root canal, etc. Also called a dental plan, this type of health insurance pays a portion for your regular dental care.

Importance of Dental Plan

Now, investing in dental insurance may seem like a hassle, but it is vital as medical insurance does not cover your dental needs. If you’re not aware of taking care of your teeth well and develop an oral or dental issue, then you will be burning a hole in your pocket if you don’t have a dental plan to cover you. It is always helpful to take regular dental exams and determine whether your oral or dental illness is primary, which requires expensive procedures. For example, suppose you’ve developed tooth decay and are looking into immediate root canal surgery with dental insurance. In that case, your company will take the most coverage leaving you with little or no additional cost. So, even with all the preventive measures you take for your mouth, you still suffer from major dental illness, which makes investing in a dental plan crucial.

Whenever you connect to a Dental plan network, you are provided with cost coverage and links to dentists and oral health experts who would provide you with their best services for the best price. Most importantly, many researchers continue to identify links to oral health to overall health, where mouth problems can increase bacteria growth, which can lead us to severe medical conditions such as diabetes or heart diseases, etc.

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Coverages offered in a Dental Plan

To study the basic coverages, a dental plan provides coverage for preventive dental care without burning a hole in your pocket, for example, crown, bridging, filling, etc. It’s essential to look around for a company that offers plans with minimal coverage without getting any low annual caps or exclusions, which can prevent you from getting any value.

A good dental insurance company will not only offer you requital for your expenses, but it will also provide a whole network of dentists, reasonable annual benefit maximums and a potential of low premium payments. When you’re looking for the best dental insurance company, you should do thorough research by carefully comparing and reviewing dental policies, considering what is it that you exactly need in your plan.

Best companies for Dental Insurance


Providing three types of dental policies across the fifty states of America, Cigna provides a broad network of more than 93,000 dentists and a variety of plans fitting all types of needs and budgets. Cigna is a global health service recognized for its financial strength, which includes an A rating from AM Best and Standard & Poor’s. Not only do they provide a broad network of dentists but offer 24/7 phone support to their customers.

Pros and Cons of choosing Cigna


  • Some plans offer restorative and orthodontic coverage
  • Provide a broad nationwide network of 93,000 dentists.


  • A waiting period can last from 6 to 12 months for significant services
  • Does not cover dental implants and cosmetic procedures.

Renaissance Dental

Offering four types of policies in all fifty states, Renaissance Dental provides coverage up to $1000. Though it does not offer the same comprehensive coverage as Cigna, it comes with a more extensive network (300,000+ dental offices) and excellent customer service. With its network, Renaissance Dental would fulfil all your paperwork formality and work on your claims on your behalf. They are reputed for their quality customer service and offer varying levels of coverage and additions to meet the customers’ requirements.

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Pros and Cons of choosing Renaissance Dental


  • Some plans offer 100% preventive care
  • 300,000+ dental offices nationwide
  • Free online quote


  • Plans provide an annual maximum benefit of $1000/person
  • No plans for orthodontic care
  • Limited coverage for basic and primary services.

Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental offers 16 types of policies with a coverage limit of $5000 after 3 years across all the states of America. Spirit Dental is provided by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, a company with an A+ rating from Standard & Poor’s and A rating from AM Best for its financial strength. The company’s partnership with Ameritas also implies their large network of dentists working with them. A rough count of 111,500 dental providers is available at 428,000 access points nationwide.

Pros and Cons of choosing Spirit Dental


  • Complete coverage for three cleanings and two annual exams
  • No waiting periods
  • $ 100-lifetime deductible


  • Their annual coverage maximum can go as low as $750
  • Plans vary significantly on annual maximums and costs.

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