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Best Dental Insurance for Major Work: We Do Not Wait for Our Teeth!

Dental Insurance may not seem like a significant insurance investment like life, health or at the most car insurance, but what if we tell you that with one dental premium, you can avail an insurance policy providing major dental work with no waiting period whatsoever! So, if you think this article won’t tempt you, we suggest you quit the page. But in any case, if you want to know how you can take care of oral health without any hassle, then let’s find out how!

What do we get in Major Dental work?

Major dental work refers to services in the care of oral health for your missing or damaged teeth. In the language of dental insurance, significant work would combine the benefits of all the three groups categorized in most dental care.

  • Preventative Services: Mostly include diagnostic and preventive services like cleanings and X-Rays.
  • Basic Services: Providing primary restorative treatment such as fillings and extractions.
  • Major Services: Providing major work such as root canals and crowns

But wait, why does my Dental Insurance have a waiting period in the first place?

Dental insurance waiting periods facilitate insurance companies to keep their costs low. Inaugurating a waiting period would prevent customers from buying plans that would cost more but include everything when they need their preliminary work, like a root canal, done when they cannot afford it, then eventually dropping their coverage policies when they feel the need to. The waiting period provides significant work and encourages regular exams and membership high enough for the primary premium mark to give coverage to the other insured.

So, how does my Dental Insurance waiting period work?

Well, it depends on what insurance plan you’ve opted for. Some dental policies would require you to have a policy for up to a year for major dental work before any coverage is made. For example, if you decide to get your primary dental job done before your waiting period is over, then you might be burning a hole in your pocket.

On an important note, if you’ve already had a dental plan before signing up for the new policy, you might have your waiting period waived off. Before you sign up for dental insurance, make sure you learn everything you need about the policy which suits your needs accordingly. Consult your insurance agents or company or the internet about various waiting periods of different dental insurance plans.

Services in a Dental Insurance plan without waiting periods

A full-coverage dental insurance policy without a waiting period would cover the following services.

  • Crowns
  • Root canals
  • Fillings
  • X-Rays
  • Extractions
  • Cleanings
  • Fluoride Treatments

Whenever you invest in a dental plan, we advise you to read through your plan thoroughly before making any purchase.

Dental coverage options!


Or Dental Preferred Provider Organization plan offers you the ability to visit a dentist of your choice. Still, we recommend you go for an in-network provider, as it will cost less out-of-pocket. You really won’t feel the need to designate a primary care provider, and you won’t require referrals. But these plans would have waiting periods for your major dental work. DPPOs would meet an annual deductible, and you would have to pay for a coinsurance before your plan starts covering eligible benefits.


Also known as Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DMO/DHMO) would require members to use in-network providers but essentially provides coverage for a wide range of services, including major dental work. With this coverage, you’ll pay a specific dollar amount based on the service you’re acquiring without any waiting periods, annual maximum and deductible.

Graduated Benefits

There would be some dental policies out there offering increasing benefits the longer you decide to keep your plan. For instance, a policy might pay 25% during the first of your plan, 50% the second year, 80% the third year and counting. Remember, just because you are paying for full coverage doesn’t mean all your services are backed up. A full-coverage dental insurance plan would mean that your primary dental services would be partially paid for by the insurer.

Discount Dental Plans

This plan is an alternative to the no-waiting dental period option, but keep in mind that a ‘Discount Dental Plan’ is not dental insurance. Plans like these offer a broad range of discounts with no waiting periods from different dental services from in-network dentists. These discounted services might vary; it all depends on what service to choose to have as an alternative.

Where can I find the best Dental Insurance plan without waiting periods?

To answer the question, you might find various options in dental insurance plans with no waiting periods from your agent or the internet, but not every plan suits every customer. To find the best policy, start by searching ‘Best Dental Insurance plans without waiting periods and various company websites, market tools would provide many results. Go through as many policies as possible. Compare their quotes and look thoroughly through the coverages different insurers would be provided in their policy. If needed, consult your insurance agent and once you feel you’ve found the policy you need, proceed with the investment policy.

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