Best Car Insurance Companies

Best Car Insurance Companies: Preparing for the Best in the Worst!

The feeling of owning and taking the responsibilities of either your first or the tenth car to your collection is ecstatic. But a few responsibilities call for wise choices, and getting car insurance would be one of those. Okay, let’s be honest. Getting car insurance isn’t cheap. We can find plenty of policies through thousands of Google searches, but it will only increase a state of discomfort on whether the said company would be able to look after our damage or not. So, today we decided to cut short half of your work and give you some of the top-rated car insurance companies which are worth checking out.

Top ranking car insurance companies 


Probably the most heard car insurance company, USAA provides quality car insurance service at a premium payment of $224 for six months, 49% below the national average. Under popular opinion, USAA received positive feedback from their customers. The only drawback the organisation suffered was its exclusivity to veterans, military members, and their families. 

Pre-existing conditions and how they affect your policy

State farm

We now bring you another company from the popular opinion, as State Farm not only provides you with car insurance but you might also find yourself looking into their life insurance policies and so on. Unlike USAA, State Farm allows you to make claims of your auto damage without a military background, and a six-month premium would cost $309, 30% below the average. 

Some State Farm customers complained about delayed status’ updates for their claims. Some auto policies come off as expensive, but the company makes up for it by providing suitable discounts to their customers. The types of auto coverage supplied by State Farm are Collision Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, Liability Coverage, Car Rentals and Travel Expenses Coverage, two distinctive types of Uninsured Motor Vehicle Coverage, Medical payments Coverage, Emergency Road service Coverage and Rideshare driver coverage. 


Geico offers a policy at a six month premium of $390. It currently stands at a rating of 4.08 stars out of five. According to a survey, Geico had earned some good comments from their customers for their easy claim process and good recommendations among family friends. It is still scored lower in value, as some coverages are available through partners, it doesn’t offer gap insurances, and it is a limited network under local agents. Under Geico, it provides various types of coverage such as Liability coverage, Medical Coverage, Uninsured Motor Coverage, Vehicle coverage and additional Auto coverage. To learn more about Geico, please refer to their website.


So readers, now we provide you Nationwide with a score of 4.06 stars out of five. Though being a known insurance brand in the market, Nationwide’s policies were seen as more expensive than the national average. Still, it comes with various discount options so that it fits in the category of low premiums. The company is highly competitive for its motorcycle insurance policies, but overall, Nationwide still received positive feedback from customers and provided various coverages and discounts on their auto insurances. We would recommend you to check out their websites if Nationwide sparked your interest.


As attractive as the name sounds, Farmers Insurances provides its services to automobiles, homes and small businesses. Still, when we looked into their Google search, most reviews bellyached about the $1073 premium rate for minimum coverage, higher than the national average of $720. The customers showed some positive feedback towards the claims process, service and value; however, they showed little to no interest in recommending the company to their contacts. Check out the Farmer’s auto insurance coverage on the Farmers website!

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American Family

Popularly known as ‘AmFam’, the established private mutual fund company focuses on property, casualty and auto-insurances. Still, they have their hands and hearts opened to commercial insurances like life insurance, health insurance etc. Averagely, AmFam provides full coverage at $1911. Still, the customers claimed dissatisfaction as to how the company resolved their claims. But, the company have some loyal fans to support them, as some customers exclaimed their will to revenue their policies and give a good recommendation to their family and friends. Check out the American Family auto insurances, discounts, etc., to know more! 


The 1937 born company might have been ranked for its advertising, but this third-largest insurer carrier suffered some drawbacks. Even though the customers have given high scores for straightforward claims and customer services, the company lacked competition among rival companies in terms of higher satisfaction. Many customers showed no spirit to renew their policies with Progressive. Between 2019 and 2020, Progressive charged a monthly $101 in Maine and $223 in New York. Check out their website for more information on rates, discounts etc.


When it comes to their rates, Travellers charge $1168, a little less than the national average, but when it received a low score in receiving claims. Some customers recommended Travellers to their contacts but did not show any interest in renewing their policy with the company. 


Last but not least, we have Allstate. The 1931 founded company charges $1682, higher than the national average, but customers claimed satisfaction during their claim process. The company suffered the drawback of customers not wanting to stick to the company after their policies expired.

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