Best Car Insurance Companies

Best Car Insurance Companies List That You Must Refer to Before Buying a Policy

Most people look for the cheapest auto insurance, but they must know that these cheap car insurances aren’t the best ones. People can naturally feel tempted by the price of coverage but look for a range with your back when you need it. If you take up an in-depth analysis of cheaper, you will be shocked to find that these quotations cannot provide the required coverage. With the help of genuine customer reviews and price data available, we provide you with the best car insurance companies list out there for you to choose from.

Best Car Insurance Companies

There are two good performing car companies insurances list, and those are the following:


Although USAA is one of the adequate auto insurance that one can find out there. However, there is an eligibility criterion for one to qualify for the same, and that is, the buyer must be military-affiliated.

State Farm

For all those who don’t qualify for USAA, state farm is the good choice for them and is the second- choice on our list!

How do we curate the best?

To curate the list, we poll genuine consumers of the nine auto insurance companies in the country and ask about their experience as customers of a particular insurance company. With their feedback, we can provide our readers with relevant information about each company providing insurance. All this information helps one in choosing the best insurance company for themselves. Through our survey you can also find the top company as well as the best firm providing the finest of the following:

  • customer service
  • claims management
  • client loyalty

Best Car Insurance Companies List


As per our discovery, USAA is the most acceptable auto insurance provider. The consumers at USAA are delighted with the kind of customer service provided by the firm. Customers at the firm are primarily attracted to the company for its simple claim-filing procedure, and timely information on claims progress. As per the customer’s reviews and our research, the only drawback that the firm holds is its restricted availability. Since the firm solely provides services to veterans, military personnel, and their families. Due to the reason mentioned above, many customers are denied insurance from USAA.

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State Farm

As a customer, one can trust State Farm for its procedure of submitting a claim very quickly. These customers are one of those who are willing to renew their insurance. For all those who don’t hold a background in the military, State Farm can prove to be the most refined vehicle insurance provider. However, State Farm received a low rating when the customers were asked if they were pleased with the company’s status updates at the time of claiming procedure. However, the State Farm company’s drivers have indicated that the firm is an excellent overall deal.


Third, on the list stands this firm. People who have filed a claim with the firm have shared their experience and said that the same procedure is quite simple. The majority of polled people suggested that they are willing to renew one and are likely to recommend Geico to their family and friends. Unfortunately, in terms of offering inexpensive rates and outstanding overall customer service, Geico stood at one of the worst ranks compared to its competitors in terms of value.


This firm has managed to score high across the board, but it does not distinguish itself by being a much better alternative than the other firms in the competition. The firm’s drawbacks have significantly hindered its being among the top three auto insurance providers. The users had expressed their dissatisfaction with the firm’s status updates when the claims processor with the way the firm addressed their claims.


Farmers in the context of the satisfaction received a high score for providing the customers with the features as follows:

  • Claims
  • customer service
  • Value
  • respondents

However, the firm’s ratings fell slightly when the drivers were asked if they would suggest the firm to friends or family, indicating average overall performance.

American Family

According to the survey, the firm ranks when of the worst when addressing the claims. Nonetheless, many were willing to renew it, which led the firm to score a high level of consumer loyalty. The consumers who stated they were likely to continue it, this firm was towards the top of the list. The firm’s customers also suggested that they would also recommend the firm to their friends and family.


This insurance receives the top marks for claim filing simplicity and customer service. However, it still lags behind the majority of its rivals in this field. Many competitors have better customer satisfaction in terms of value. However, as many existing customers know, they doubt renewing their policy with any other provider.

Country Financial Insurance Review


This company is not a great example of customer satisfaction. Various customers are from the firm’s services and how it deals with the claims. Their consumers don’t believe that the firm provides a good value. However, the firm somehow has received a high rating for recommending it to family and friends. 


Ones insured by the firm have expressed pleasure with the simplicity of the procedure, but dissatisfaction persists in many areas. The value of the firm is low due to the high premium charged by the firm. As per the poll, customers are much less inclined to renew their coverage.

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