Best auto insurance rates

Best Auto Insurance Rates: Understanding the Difference!

To save money on auto insurance, one of the best ways is by comparing different insurance plans provided by other firms. It is very crucial to search; the motive behind this is that each insurer, although it allows for a similar feature within the plans, it is totally up to them that at what price do they want to charge a premium. This is why there’s a massive difference in the prices of the two, and if you don’t compare well beforehand, you might end up wasting your money. The rate at which one’s insurance premium is determined is dependent on various factors. A few of them includes:

  • ZIP code
  • yearly miles
  • marital status
  • Credit history.
  • vehicle make, year, and model
  •  driving history
  • gender 

Since there is also a difference between insurance rates between the genders, it’s required to check well beforehand. At the same time, the price rates also depend upon the area where you live. The way in which an insurance price is determined isn’t well known. A company might emphasise one factor while another may emphasise something else. But one way to compare the price easily is by looking at the prices of the premium in different states as well as according to the gender difference. 

Difference in the insurance rate due to age

At the time of calculating the auto insurance quote, carriers not only consider your driving history but age too. The reason behind the same is that age is more significant and impacts how much one’s compelled to pay. For example, most young drivers in their teens have a higher probability of producing the highest auto insurance premium. At the same time, drivers who are in their 75 or more are no exception. 

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Individuals who drive and age around 25 years generally face higher auto insurance premiums since, on average, they are involved in more accidents compared to any other aged drivers. However, the rate of insurance isn’t also the same for every company. One company provides an average less than some other. Below is the table for the premium charged for all the 25 years old.

Name of the company Clean drivers DUIBest auto insurance rates
Geico $1,210 $3,015
American Family $1,418 $1,751
Allstate $2,368 $3,606
Farmers $1,717 $2,388
Travelers $1,277 $2,100
Progressive $1,619 $2,001
Nationwide $1,309 $2,613
State Farm $1,426 $2,385
USAA $1,118 $1,940


Note: USAA is only meant for individuals who hold a background in the military.  

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Here’s a chart to compare the price of the insurance in different states:

Name of the company  Clean record DUI
Alaska $1,536 $2,253
Arkansas $1,984 $3,250
Alabama $1,618 $2,983
Arizona $1,507 $3,050
Colorado $1,936 $3,545
Delaware $1,848 $3,918
California $1,942 $5,167
Connecticut $2,073 $4,426
Florida $2,463 $3,444
Hawaii $1,145 $4,300
Illinois $1,515 $2,763
Georgia $1,941 $3,959
Idaho $1,039 $1,678
Iowa $1,177 $2,234
Kentucky $2,443 $5,246
Louisiana $2,915 $5,813
Indiana $1,229 $2,453
Kansas $1,650 $2,973
Louisiana $2,915 $5,813
Maryland $1,993 $3,637
Massachusetts $1,150 $2,034
Maine $1,006 $1,605
Minnesota $1,403 $2,949
Missouri $1,595 $2,703
Michigan $2,337 $6,760
Montana $1,895 $3,120
New Mexico $1,474 $3,167
Nevada $2,527 $4,700
New Hampshire $1,216 $2,461
New Jersey $1,983 $3,896
Nebraska $1,381 $2,353
New York $2,384 $4,353
North Dakota $1,295 $2,161
Oregon $1,370 $2,382
Ohio $1,026 $2,330
Pennsylvania $1,447 $3,179
South Carolina $1,760 $2,862
Pennsylvania $1,447 $3,179
South Dakota $1,423 $2,340
Rhode Island $2,054 $4,670
Tennessee $1,310 $2,970
Utah $1,523 $2,866
Texas $1,783 $3,104
Washington $1,227 $2,418
Wisconsin $1,157 $2,227
Vermont $1,203 $2,524
Washington, D.C. $1,867 $2,839
Virginia $1,286 $2,697
West Virginia $1,582 $3,070
Wyoming $1,369 $2,582
New Mexico $1,474 $3,167


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