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Best Annual Travel Insurance Providers List

Overlooking the importance of travel insurance is all too easy until you need it. Furthermore, many travellers have strong feelings about whether or not they should purchase travel insurance. The goal of the article will help you understand whether or not you should buy travel insurance. Alternatively, I’ll go over some of the best annual travel insurance companies and coverage in this article.

Best Annual Travel Insurance Provider

Naturally, in the era of coronavirus, one of the most pressing concerns is whether your travel insurance will cover pandemics. If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have evidence of disease from a physician, specific insurance will protect you. Other cancellations and pandemic-related expenditures may also be covered by some insurance. However, each policy will have its own set of exclusions and limitations that may restrict coverage. For example, if you cancel the trip because you have a travel fear, it would not be included in the coverage. However, special conditions may apply to enhanced CDC travel advisories. The best annual travel insurance providers are listed below.

AIG Travel Guard

AIG Travel Guard has received a lot of favourable feedback from TPG Lounge readers who have submitted claims with the firm. AIG has three plans available online that you can evaluate side by side and check sample policies. An annual travel insurance package is also available from AIG Travel Guard. People residing in Florida can buy this plan for $259 annually. AIG Travel Guard also offers a variety of additional products and a single-trip policy that does not include trip cancellation coverage.

Key Features:

  • You can buy an upgrade option on the Preferred, and Deluxe plans offered by AIG Travel Guard allow cancellation of the trip for any excuse.
  • On most single-trip arrangements, one child, not more than 17 years old, can be included for free.

Allianz Travel Insurance

In the TPG Lounge, Allianz is among the best annual travel insurance providers, and many customers regarded the claim procedure as fair. If you travel regularly, a yearly multi-trip plan can be a good idea. Travels must be 45 days or fewer in length, while some insurance plans may also cover expeditions up to 90 days.

Key Features:

  • For independent travelers and families who take many journeys of 45 days or fewer annually (90 days for chosen plans), Allianz provides moderately priced annual travel coverage.
  • For baggage and trip delay claims, several Allianz plans offer the choice of receiving a flat compensation sum without receipts. 

American Express Travel Insurance

American Express Travel Insurance has four different package plans to choose from, as well as the opportunity to customize your coverage. This insurance plan can be purchased without having an American Express card. The Build-Your-Own-Coverage plan offered by Amex is exceptional in providing the best annual travel insurance as it allows you to buy only the coverage you require. The packages pricing and the build-your-own plan stay unchanged for long journeys- as long as the travel cost remains unchanged. The dental coverage and emergency medical, on the other hand, is only valid for the travel’s first 60 days.

Key Features:

  • You can get and pay for only the coverage you require with the build-your-own coverage package offered by Amex.
  • Long-distance coverage costs no more than short-distance coverage, making this package appropriate for more extended travels.


GeoBlue differs from the majority of the other insurance companies in this article. It only offers medical insurance while travelling worldwide, with no perks to offset the expense of your trip; there are numerous policies to choose from. Some of the insurance offered by GeoBlue requires primary health insurance in the US, but they all cover you when you are traveling outside of the country.

Key Features:

  • If you are only concerned with the medical aspect of travel insurance, GeoBlue may be a good choice.
  • For various forms of travel, GeoBlue offers multi-trip, single-trip, and long-term health travel insurance plans.


IMG provides travelers with a variety of travel health insurances plans along with the best annual travel insurance. There are five types of policies offered by IMG for vacation travelers taking a single journey of 90 days or fewer. Women and men get identical quotations, even though you must specify your gender. A yearly multi-trip travel health insurance package is available. Some insurance plans cover vacations of up to 45 days, while other plans cover trips up to 90 days.

Key Features:

  • Some annual multi-trip insurance plans are reasonably priced.
  • If you are eligible, iTravelInsured Travel LX may include optional interruption-for-any-reason and cancel-for-any-reason coverage.

Travelex Insurance

There are three single-trip insurance plans offered by Travelex: Travel Basic, Travel Select, and Travel America. For a journey to Turkey, the Travel Basic and Travel Select insurance plans would be appropriate.

Key Features:

  • The Travel Select coverage from Travelex can cover journeys up to 364 days, which is significantly longer than most single-trip policies.
  •  Receipts are not required for trip delays or luggage delays of less than $25 under either Travelex policy.

Seven Corners

Seven Corners has a wide range of policies to choose from. Seven Corners also provides a variety of alternative travel insurance options along with an annual multi-trip package. When buying a multi-trip annual insurance plan, you can select coverage for journeys of up to 30, 45, or 60 days.

Key Features:

  • RoundTrip plans might include cancellation for any reason and trip interruption for any reason coverage.
  • Seven Corners must approve the expenses in advance.

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