Amica Auto Insurance Review

Amica Auto Insurance Review You Must Read Today

Amica Auto insurance, based in Lincoln, United States, was founded by A.T. Vigneron in 1907. It offers a wide range of auto, home, and life insurance to its customers. Amica auto insurance is well-known for its variety of coverage options and its customer service. 

Coverages & Discounts

Amica auto insurance offers its customers standard options for auto insurance coverage. You can also upgrade to the Platinum choice auto package for an extra cost. This package provides several detailed options for coverage. These coverage options can vary state-wise. If you don’t own the Platinum choice auto package, you can also add other coverage options to your policy. Some of these coverage options are:

Accident forgiveness: Under this, a customer earns points for good driving, increasing timeline with the company, addition of other policies, and for referring new customers. These points can be used in accident forgiveness which can prevent an increase in price if you crash.

Full glass coverage: This coverage doesn’t require you to pay any deductible for repairing or replacing the glass.

Disappearing deductible: Under this option, one can choose their good points for eliminating or reducing their deductible.

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Prestige rental coverage: This coverage option offers its customers the rental of a comparable car if their car has undergone an accident.

Identity fraud monitoring: This coverage option provides its customers access to a fraud specialist to resolve the problem of your stolen identity. It offers a coverage of up to $15,000. It also keeps a check on your credit files and your personal information.

In addition to various coverage options, Amica auto insurance also provides several discounts. These includes:

  • Claim free discount: Herein, you can get a discount if you haven’t got insurance claims for three years. 
  • Paid-in-full discount: Amica provides a discount to those customers who pay their premium entirely before its due date.
  • Homeownership discount: Even if your house isn’t insured already by Amica, you can still get a discount for being a homeowner. 
  • Loyalty discount: Under this, Amica can get you the discount for at least two years after it becomes your auto insurer.
  • Autopay discount: An auto pay discount is offered to those customers who set up an auto-pay for paying their premiums.
  • E-discount: If a person has opted to receive bills and other information electronically, they can avail of a discount.
  • Legacy discount: Under this, a customer under 30 years can avail of a discount if their parents had Amica’s auto insurance plan for at least five years.
  • Multiple policy discount: In this, a customer can save approximately 30% by bundling the auto insurance policies along with other procedures like an umbrella, life, condo, and much more.
  • Multiple vehicle discount: By being insured with Amica, one can receive a discount of 25% for having multiple vehicles.  

Other available discounts are Electronic stability discount, Defensive driver discount, Driver training discount, Good student discount, and Student away school discount.

Benefits of Amica homeowners insurance

Amica insurance companies also offer standardized coverage options for homeowners insurance. Moreover, it provides certain unconventional upgrades as well in most of the states. Amica insurance provides term life and whole life insurance policies. Level term life under term life policy offers terms of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. One can buy coverage starting from $100,000 to $1 million. Under the term life insurance, the price remains the same throughout the chosen term. While Amica offers whole life insurance, life insurance provides coverage starting from $25,000.

Additional information

In addition to the essential variety of coverage options, Amica also offers other types of insurance. These include Renters insurance, Marine insurance, Umbrella insurance, Flood insurance, Small business insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Condo Insurance, and Wedding and event insurance. Since Amica is mutual insurance, there are no investors and stockholders. The policyholders own the company. Under Amica’s policy, one can pay extra upfront for an auto, home, marine, or umbrella liability policy that produces a dividend. The company’s website also provides its potential customers with FAQs and various product choices. A customer can get clarity regarding the file, claims, billings, ID cards, documents, and other policy details. Moreover, Amica’s apps for iPhone and android can easily give access to all the policy-related information.


Amica insurance company has recorded higher customer satisfaction and a lower count of consumer complaints. According to the J.D. Power study, Amica has received being “among the best” in customer satisfaction. It offers many perks (free lock replacement, free repair of deployed airbags, $1000 for bail bonds, and lost wage reimbursement for court appearances) and discounts with its coverage options. Amica comes with a potential for earning dividends.


However, the company does not provide several coverage options to those people who seem to be risky. Amica has very few local offices, and it doesn’t offer the feature of discount in all the states. The availability of specific discounts depends on the state. It also provides no rideshare coverage to its customers as of now. However, Amica’s policies might provide coverage to a rider share driver.

Pre-existing conditions and how they affect your policy

Rating and reviews

Amica auto insurance has received a high rating for its customer satisfaction. Moreover, it has also recorded fewer consumer complaints than was expected from the company of its size. The company has earned 5 stars out of 5 for its overall performance.

Amica offers a high rated satisfactory experience to its customers. Although you are looking for a more personalized insurance experience, you can also check out some other options available.

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