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All About New York Life Insurance With Pros & Cons

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New York life insurance is the largest mutual life insurance company headquartered in New York, United States. It is the third-largest insurance company in the U.S., providing a range of life insurance products, including term, whole, variable, and universal coverage.

With New York life insurance, one can get connected to experienced and trained financial professionals to make the right decision while selecting the best insurance policy for themselves.

In addition, new York-like insurance can be an excellent pick for customers looking for complex customized insurance needs in their policy because it is more inclined towards an individualized approach.

Pros of New York life insurance

One of the most exclusive options provided by the New York life insurance is the spouse paid-up option. With the help of this option, one can use the proceeds of the deceased spouse’s life insurance to get the insurance without undergoing any medical exam.

The company also provides several riders through which one can customize their policy. This will let you use a part of death benefits in the medical expenses and living benefits or chronic care options.

It also offers the customers additional coverage without requiring them to appear for a medical exam. One can also convert the existing term life policy into permanent coverage by tapping on the policy purchase option.

Cons of New York life insurance

On the one hand, several other insurance companies post their pricing guidelines on its website and allow customers to get online quotes. While on the other hand, New York life insurance doesn’t provide the customers with the facility of getting pricing details and quotes online.

Plans offered by New York life insurance

New York life insurance comes with a range of life insurance policies, among which you can choose the best one for yourself and your family members. The company offers ten different life insurance policies along with additional riders and customization.

Term Life

This option is quite popular and cheaper than the other available options. In this, you are required to choose the term between 10 and 20 years. Premium is paid only till the coverage lasts. If you pass away within the chosen term, then the beneficiary is entitled to receive the benefits.

There are two-term life insurance options offered by the New York life insurance:

• Yearly Convertible: With this option, one can renew the policy each year. Although the premiums start from low, it keeps increasing annually. 

• Level Premium Convertible: This option can give you predictable payments along the length of your policy term. After that, premiums keep increasing after the expiry of its level premium period.

Whole life

Whole life insurance ensures you with lifetime protection along with some additional benefits. This provides a guaranteed life insurance benefits while the policy’s cash value grows tax-deferred. 

There are three whole life insurance options provided by New York life insurance:

Value whole life insurance: Herein, the premium doesn’t rise, and the coverage is also guaranteed.

Whole life insurance: This creates a balance between guaranteed life insurance coverage and cash value accumulation. 

Custom whole life insurance: This provides you with an option to schedule your payments and let you decide how long you want to pay premiums along with maximizing the cash value of your policy.

Universal Whole life

This is an excellent choice for people who give more importance to long-term protection than the cash value. It is flexible and ensures you with more extended protection.

There are three universal life insurance options provided by New York life:

Universal life -Basic: This is an affordable option that offers you long-term protection. One can also customize the policy, its coverage amount, premiums, and length of the coverage.

Custom Guarantee: This requires you to pay a premium to maintain the coverage for as long as you want it.

Protection upto age 90: This provides coverage of up to $1 million up to 90 years.

Variable Universal Life 

This comprises permanent coverage and an option of the cash value in which one can invest. However, there are some risks linked to these policies.

In addition to these several insurance option, the New York life insurance also provides a range of riders to enhance your coverage. These riders include Accidental death benefit, Chronic care, Living benefits, and Disability waiver of premiums.

 Cancellation Policy of New York life 

Before you buy any policy, make sure to discuss its cancellation policy with your insurance agent.

If you have made up your mind to cancel the New York life insurance policy, you need to speak to your insurance agent. Canceling the term life insurance will lapse the coverage of your policy along with forfeiting the paid premiums.

While with permanent life insurance, there is a surrender value wherein you need to deposit the penalty to take out the cash savings and cancel the policy.

Customer complaints and rankings

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the New York life insurance has a ratio of 0.21, which indicates far better performance than the average. In addition, new York life has a good enough reputation for its customer service.

Moreover, according to J.D. Power’s 2020 Life insurance study, the New York life insurance was ranked 5th out of 23 other life insurance companies in the context of customer satisfaction, interaction, its products, and statements. The company received an A++ rating from AM Best. 

Suppose you are looking for buying an insurance policy from one of the best insurance companies. In that case, New York life can be an excellent option. You can also get your insurance policy designed by trained financial professionals by communicating your needs and requirements with them.

However, you can look for other insurance companies too before making your final decision. For more Insurance Reviews keep visiting Our website.

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