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Powered by American Family, Connect is a company based in Wisconsin, US. The company was previously known as Ameriprise Auto and Home Insurance. Later on, in 2019, it was acquired by American Family, and after that, it was renamed Connect in 2020. This company primarily sells auto, homeowners, condo, renters and umbrella policies to its customers. In addition, it provides policies through its partnership with Costco Wholesale and Ameriprise Financial. As of now, the insurance offered by the company is available in 44 states and Washington D.C.

Benefits and discounts

In most states, Costco members can get certain benefits on Connect auto or home policies. Moreover, being an executive Costco member can also award you with the benefits of Roadside assistance and Lifetime renewability. If you run out of gas or have a dead battery or flat tire, Roadside assistance can be a boon for you since it covers up to $75 off your expenses. While Lifetime renewability can guarantee you that your car policy won’t get cancelled by Ameriprise even after you go through multiple accidents. However, there might be some exceptions applied in this regard. 

A customer can also avail of discounts and the advantage of lifetime renewability after purchasing insurance through Ameriprise Financial. Connect auto insurance, apart from providing the basic coverages for car insurance, also sells Gap insurance and New car replacement. If your vehicle gets destroyed, Gap insurance can pay the differences between your destroyed car’s actual cash value and the amount you owe on your car loan. Connect provides gap coverage until the first three years you own your vehicle. After that, this gap coverage is capped at 120% of your car’s value. On the other hand, New car replacement insurance provides coverage for the cost of your brand-new car of the same model if your car is destroyed in an accident. Herein, a customer can get coverage either for up to the first year or for the first 15,000 miles after buying a new car with the help of the company.

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However, several other discounts can be availed from the company. These include Safe driver discount, Multiple car discounts, multiple policy discounts, Good student discount, Loyalty discount, Discount for completing an approved defensive driving course, Discount for having at least four years of education beyond high school, Discount if your student is away at school for than 100 miles from your home and Discount if you park your car overnight in a garage.

All About Connect Insurance Review & Rating

Connect homeowners policies provides its customer’s coverage for identity theft, credit card, food spoilage, and lock replacement. 

Identity theft: If your identity happens to be stolen, then this can pay you up to $50,000 for your identity recovery.

Credit card: If your credit card is stolen or hacked by someone, this can cover your loss with no deductible.

Food spoilage: The company can help the customers replace groceries worth $500 if your food gets spoiled due to the power outage.

Lock replacement: This can pay the customers up to $100 to change the locks after someone breaks into your home.

Detailed Review & Rating

In addition to this, being an executive member of Costco can get you several benefits in return. It includes Glass repair reimbursement, which can pay the customers up to $1,000 to get your broken windows fixed. This reimbursement happens twice a year. Another benefit is the Home lockout assistance. This provides coverage of up to $100 for locksmith services if you are locked out of your home. Again, this benefit is available twice a year. Connect home insurance also offers several discounts that include: Discount for insuring a relatively new home; Discount for having filed no claims in the past five years; Loyalty discount; Multiple policy discount; Discount for renovations and Discount for adding protective devices. Connect, and third parties offer several options. These options include Condo, Flood, Boat, Classic car, Rental property, Umbrella, Motorcycle, Recreational vehicle, Renters, and All-terrain vehicle.

Connect Insurance Rating and Reviews

This company has four stars out of 5 for its overall performance in account pricing, discounts, financial strength, complaint data and website transparency. According to the data of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the company had recorded more complaints to the state regulators as it was expected from the company of its size. 

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Pros and Cons of Connect insurance

Connect provides a wide range of discounts to its customers. For example, under them, homeowners’ policies also cover identity and credit card fraud. It also offers guaranteed lifetime renewability to the customers who purchase auto policies through Costco as an executive member. 

The disadvantage is that its services are not available in all the states. In addition to this, the company has recorded more complaints to the state regulators, which is quite a concern. Also, several benefits require one to be a Costco member.

However, if you’re seeking for auto or home policy, then Connect can be a favourable option for you. This company had been in the Ward group’s ward top 50 lists. Being one of the top-performing companies, it is an excellent choice to consider for buying policies.

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