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A Must Read Hanover Insurance Review

The Hanover insurance, based in Worcester, Massachusetts, was founded by John Roche in 1852. The company provides standardized car insurance coverage and financial products to its customers. As of now, Hanover insurance services are available in 27 states and Washington, D.C. The company comes with plenty of customizable options, which are available in the states through local agents. 

Coverages and discounts offered under Hanover insurance

Hanover insurance company provides its customers with the basic coverages that include liability and comprehensive and collision. In addition to this, it also keeps an eye on a policy that comes with an inbuilt-features. Under Hanover platinum, there are several additional features provided to the customers. These features include:

  • Car seat replacement for the child: This will pay for replacing a car seat that has got damaged during the covered accident. The amount paid goes up to $300 with no deductible.
  • A deductible waiver: Herein, the customer will get only a single deductible if an incident damages more than one insured item.
  • Rental car coverage: This coverage option pays a daily amount to your rental car until and unless your car gets repaired after an accident. However, herein the total amount covered is capped at $3,000. On the other hand, there is no cap on the number of days.
  • Key replacement coverage: This coverage option pays up to $250 if your keys are lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Replacement of mechanical parts: This option provides coverage for replacing the mechanical parts such as tires, batteries etc., with a new one after the covered accident.
  • Coverage for original equipment manufacturer parts: This coverage option provides coverage for replacing parts from your car’s manufacturer if you are in a covered wreck. However, to avail of this, your car should be within the 3 model years old.

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Hanover insurance also offers the Prestige package to customers with high-value homes and automobiles. This package provides high coverage and longer terms. Hanover also offers several auto insurance discounts, which includes:

  • Discount for insuring more than one vehicle.
  • Discount for insuring both homes as well as auto.
  • Discount for paying your entire premium 
  • Discount for driving a car installed with an anti-theft alarm or safety device.
  • Discount for completing the course of accident prevention.

However, the availability of the discounts above depends on the state you’re living in. 

Guide for buying Auto insurance

The first and foremost thing to do before buying an auto insurance policy is to collect your car’s basic information and details. This information includes its safety features, driving history and annual mileage. After that, you need to decide about the kind of coverage suitable for you. You’ll have to decide whether you need bare minimum insurance or extensive coverage like rideshare coverage or gap insurance. Make sure that whichever company you choose has the suitable coverage option for you. You need to check other factors before deciding for an auto insurance company to look at the provided coverage limits, deductibles, consumers complaints, reviews, and other necessary details. Please don’t consider the company that shows higher consumer complaints as it is a red flag regarding its service quality. Whichever company you choose to buy your auto insurance, you can complete the entire process online or over the phone. You can also contact the company’s local agent to get a more personalized experience and guidance.

Homeowners insurance from Hanover insurance

The Hanover insurance company provides its customers with a basic homeowners policy under its brand ‘Connections.’ It also offers extended homeowner’s coverage packages. These packages come with plenty of standardized options for your home.

Additional information about the Hanover insurance

The website of Hanover insurance gives access to basic information about various policy options. One can report a claim, pay premiums, update payment options and locate an auto repairing shop with the help of the website. Although, one can’t get an online quote. To buy a policy, one needs to get connected with any local insurance agent. Hanover insurance also offers its customers with few apps for both Android and iOS users. These applications include:

  • Hanover Mobile: Customers can view their policy, update payments, report claims, and request roadside assistance. Moreover, in several states, it also offers the feature of viewing your insurance ID card.
  • Hanover SmartPath: It looks after the driving behavior of teenagers, such as speeding, braking and distraction while they drive the car. The teens can also receive amazon rewards if this app shows that they are driving safely. The company also offers discounts in most states where it provides services. 
  • Hanover Snap claims inspection: This application helps you upload the photos so that you can get the repairing estimations after initiating an auto claim.

In addition to this, Hanover insurance company also offers other types of insurance options. These options include: Condo insurance, Manufactured home insurance, Renters insurance, Landlord insurance, Boat insurance, Umbrella insurance, All-terrain vehicle insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Identity theft insurance, Business insurance and commercial auto insurance.

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Pros and Cons of Hanover insurance

  • Hanover insurance company comes with a lot of coverage options. Moreover, it has recorded fewer complaints. It also offers combined home, auto and umbrella policies.
  • Hanover insurance is not available in all the states. Also, one can’t get an online quote with this company’s policies.

Rating and Review of Hanover Insurance

The Hanover insurance company has received 4.5 stars out of 5 for its overall performance considering its account pricing, discounts, website transparency, financial strength and complaint data record. The company has recorded far fewer complaints than is generally expected from the auto insurance company of its size. All those seeking an insurance company that offers built-in features and wide insurance options may opt-in for Hanover insurance.

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