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2021 Auto Insurance Review of Geico

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Geico is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective and suitable options available for car insurance-seeking individuals. In addition, the wide range of discounts offered and accessible access throughout the Nation only increases Geico’s favorability.  

Reviews and Ratings for Geico

• For the techies who prefer digital facilities will be more than satisfied with advanced features offered by Geico in their website and mobile app. 

• Being an auto insurance company, Geico has a good rating in terms of customer satisfaction. 

• Fewer complaints are recorded for Geico according to its size.

Geico provides genuine and affordable insurance prices direct to its customers through online means or phone, making it the second-largest company in the auto insurance field. Along with the District of Columbia, insurances by Geico are offered in all 50 states. Geico is the best alternative for individuals who require a low-rate insurance policy and do not mind handling their online accounts without a local agent.


  • Plenty of discounts provided by Geico.
  • Moderate rating of customer satisfaction and few complaints. 
  • Efficient mobile app and website.


  • Not an expansive local agent network is available. 
  • Gap Insurance unavailable. 
  • Selected coverage type availability is restricted to partners. 

Auto insurance

In terms of overall performance for Auto Insurance selling, Geico has successfully earned 4.5 stars out of 5. The editorial team calculates our ratings. A series of aspects and factors are considered for determining the ratings, such as efficient and straightforward claim filing, pricing, and discounts. We also review the records of financial strength, website transparency, and complaint data collected from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. According to our ratings, Geico features in the list of Best Car Insurance Companies of 2021.

Common Kinds of Car Insurance Coverage

Some of the necessary steps before researching your options for car insurance include determining precisely what coverage you desire and what is suitable for you. Often insurance is purchased only for the sake of driving in a state. However, the minimum need for overage depends on the particular state. On the contrary, if you seek complete security, you may want to opt for full coverage insurance. It is a composition of different coverages such as comprehensive, liability, and collision insurance being grouped. Following are the additional car coverage options and features provided by Geico:

Rideshare insurance: This features permits you to avail yourself of a policy that covers not only your personal but also ridesharing use in case you are employed for companies such as Instacart, Lyft, GrubHub, or Uber. Geico offers it in 40 states and the District of Columbia. 

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Mechanical breakdown coverage: All the mechanical parts of your car can be repaired by this coverage if they are less than 15 months old and less than 15,000 miles. However, in case of wear and tear, there is no coverage. The deductible amount is $250. The renewability limit is extended up to seven years or 100,000 miles.

Discounts on Auto Insurance by Geico

The probability of an individual obtaining his desired price range is high since the variety of discounts offered by Geico is wide enough. The conditions applied are different for states, but specific discounts are listed below for your review:

• Discount for retired or active federal employee

• Discount for members of National Guard or Reserves and retired or active military service. 

• Emergency deployment participation with U.S. Military. 

• Discount for fu time students having good grades and within the age of 16 to 24. 

• Wearing seat belts. 

• Five-year driving duration without an accident 

• Discount for individuals who have a brand new vehicle which is three model years new or old. 

• Possessing safety equipment such as daytime running lights, anti-theft system, airbags, and anti-lock brakes.

For the residents of the below-mentioned cities, Geico provides a discount on tracking your driving through your phone:

• Connecticut

• Illinois

• Pennsylvania

• Wisconsin

Customer Satisfaction and Complaints

Based on its size, the state regulators received fewer complaints than expected for Geico. The records are for three years as per data of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Geico also successfully claimed the title of the large top insurer in terms of customer satisfaction within the auto insurance selling field as per the 2020 study conducted by J.D. Power. However, the rating for auto insurance claim satisfaction was below average for Geico. 

Elaboration on Geico

Website: Company website of Geico provides information and quotes on all the insurances they offer. The facility of payment and claim submission is also available online. 

App: With the app, you can maintain vigilance on your billing details and policy records. Features to access your digital auto insurance ID card, submit claims, and bill payment are also available. Individuals can text with agents, locate parking, ask for roadside assistance.

Voice assistance: A virtual assistant named Kate is also included within the app made for iOS and Android. The assistant will answer your queries regarding insurance and detailed facts on your policy. Amazon’s Alexa and Google assistance can also be used for accessing your account. 

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Purchasing Guide for Auto Insurance

Before comparing and initiating the process of searching car insurance companies, certain information is required. It includes the records and driving history of each person considered for the policy. The annual mileage is gone along with your car’s safety features. Determine what type of coverage suits you the best. Either you will identify yourself as the group that desires bare minimum coverage to fulfill your state’s demands. Or you want complex insurance that favors you with additional features such as rideshare coverage or gap insurance. Ensure that your selected options serve all your needs. 

Confirm that every company in your budget offers the same coverage deductibles and limits. Cost should not be the only deciding factor. You should also watch out for the number of consumers complaints to know the service quality of each company. The means of purchasing the insurance will be based on which company you select to go forward with. 

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